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Dr won't help me

So I was back at the Dr yesterday. Explained I was still feeling weak, shaky, tired, etc etc. He said he wold test my thyroid again and iron levels. Won't test t3 though. Asked him if he could give me a trial medication if my thyroid is higher than last time (was 2 in July) but he said no! The only way he could/would do it is if it's out of range even though he agrees I am symptomatic!! Said the endo might be able to give me a trial even if not out of range but it's likely they will do lots of other hormone tests. I was referred in July but he reckons I won't be seen before March 2015!!

I told him I have no quality of life, I'm 35 and feel older than my mother. I also said I as researching it myself and he rolled his eyes at me. I asked for a print out of my bloods, he said I would have to put it in writing! I did ask about my B12 and he said it was 160. Is that low?

I can see, like so many, I will be forced to take matters into my own hands as I have been steadily getting worse since 2011. Can someone PM me regarding where to get desicated thyroid from and how much to take? I have no idea how to go about fixing this and really need some help!

Thank you.

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You don't 'have' to put it in writing, but if you do at least it will get you the information you need. They cannot refuse you copies of your own tests. It is difficult to tell what your results mean without the rangesm but I would say that B12 is pretty low.

I was referred to an endo & still wasn't treated, despite astronomical antibodies & 4 months off sick. So I ended up treating myself.

I'll send you a PM later, but you really need your results before you do anything.

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Thank you! I am having the bloods done tomorrow so once I have the results from that and the others from my practice, I will post them here.


I am sorry you have a doctor who wont even give you a trial. He knows you are suffering and agrees you have clinical symptoms but tells you that you have to wait till your THS is out of range - that could be anything from 5 to 10.

Please write a letter requesting copies of your blood tests - don't be put off by his attitude and go collect your latest one as it will be helpful for members to comment.

A trial of thyroid medication isn't harmful in anyway and that is what the procedure was before the blood tests were introduced. Clinical symptoms plus a trial of NDT.

Usually people start at 50mcg levo or 1/2gr of NDT (you can buy 1 grain and half it) and after about 4 weeks, up by 1/4 for another 4/6 weeks and so on until you feel well.

With your present blood test results you have a starting point but the main fact is that you feel well. If you do take a little too much either miss your next dose then reduce back to the previous dose. Make a record of your Temp/pulse before you begin and also when taking your medication.

Your B12 sounds extremely low so ask the surgery what range they use for B12 levels or the lab which did the test.


Thank you shaws that's really helpful. My Dr is usually so good with me but he won't budge on this issue despite me begging him. Thank you re the NDT, do I just buy it off the internet?


See Harrye's response - her last sentence said she'd send you a private message later.

When we send a private message it is completely private between whoever is named on it.

Armour thyroid is the oldest one. I have never tried it. I did try most of the others but found Nature-throid suited me best and it is hypoallergenic.

If you want to send a private message to anyone, you just click on their photo/name and it takes you to their page and it says 'send a message' you press on that and it takes you to the message page.

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That B12 result does look very low. There's a chance you may not have thyroid problems at all (thyroid function is affected when B12 is low). The symptoms for B12 deficiency and/or pernicious anaemia can be very similar to hypothyroid. See:


Oh, and another thought - if he won't test T3, it might be worth pushing for him to test for antibodies. If positive, then it's likely you have Hashimoto's. There's more an acknowledgement amongst GPs (though it still varies hugely) that presence of autoimmune thyroid issues warrants treatment with Levo.


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