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tsh levels

hi to all im new to hypothyroid so i just need a little help in 2007 i had my tsh levels checked as my family has thyroid history and they came back as normal at 1.3 ive recently had my tsh levels done and they are now 7.13 i had been told that i am borderline even tho my ft4 is 12.1 there range is 12-22 but i believe this is no way bordeline for myself and that i would benefit from some medication as i feel so unwell im back at my doctors tomorrow so any help would be beneficial

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Your thyroid is struggling to produce FT4 - which your result shows. That is why the Pituitary Gland is pushing out more TSH to try to stimulate the thyroid. You could also ask for the FT3 and the Thyroid Anti-bodies to be tested - TPO and Tg.

You will also need good levels of B12 - Ferritin - folate - VitD - so ask for those to be tested too. Any problems then come back here and ask for the details on Private Home Testing Kits.

In my non-medical opinion you either are or you are not Hypo - borderline is not a possibility - it is just a term ....

The above link takes you to the main website of this forum where you can read and prepare for your GP visit.


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