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A worrying video

This latest episode of The Truth about Vaccines which has just been released contains extremely important information for all of those who, like thyroid patients, may have compromised immune systems. I believe that we should all have as much information about every aspect of our health as it’s possible to obtain so that we can make informed decisions. Just as we know there are huge question marks over statins and thyroid diagnosis/treatments more and more doctors and patients are questioning the effectiveness and safety of the flu vaccine, especially its pertinence to vulnerable groups such as many members on this forum.


Some years ago I had a discussion with Dr. Peatfield (a former advisor to and trustee of TUK, and well known to many people on this forum) about flu jabs and he was not in favour of them. This film gives plentiful referenced examples of the questionable science behind the use of the flu vaccine and interviews with other doctors who are not in favour of them for very sound reasons. Jane x

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Thank you Jane - they are now onto the next one. I did sign up for the series but have not been able to MAKE time to view. Such an important topic - lets hope change is around the corner ....


I know what you mean! I did the same but when I began watching this one about flu I started seething and watched it through. I gather from a friend that they are all very enlightening.


I've not had a flu jab for years, nor will I! The only time I did get it, I got the damn flu... never again! 😡


No, I've never had a flu jab either and I've been "entitled" to one for 8 years. Now that we have access to our records I notice that in the last couple of years it has been recorded that I've "turned it down". I haven't specifically turned it down - I just don't want it so haven't bothered to make an appointment for one. I find it a bit disturbing that that's been put on record, and wonder why they need to record that I haven't had one.


I didn't know they recorded it even if you haven't had one. I don't see a problem with it being recorded that you haven't had one, that might be useful information. But I think it's wrong to state that you "turned it down" simply because you didn't respond to their invitation.

What age does it become standard to be offered one?

The strange thing is that I was invited for a couple of years when I turned sixty, but haven't had an invite since (which I think is a waste of NHS resources anyway), which made it odd that it was staed that I'd "turned it down".

If you do get flu and get complications the GP practice can then say "Well the patient didn't turn up for their vaccination"

The fact that it extremely likely it is a completely different strain of flu will be ignored and then buried if someone - normally a trainee health professional - bothers to look.

There is information around - which you can easily find if you look for it - that shows how often they correctly guess (sorry predict) the flu strain that causes most hospitalisations in N. America and Europe that year.

In regards to your medical records I suggest you write a letter challenging it and asking for that letter to be included in your notes. Point out you have not turned down anything you just haven't made an appointment due to other more pressing commitments.

Oh and out of interest the more people who refuse to attend the jabs the more Boots and other pharmacies seem to have been advertising you can have the jab there. Last year Boots started their campaign at the end of September. Draw your own conclusions.


Thank you bluebug. I know what you mean about pharmacy ads. I won't be writing to my GP as I have no faith in them anyway and I know I'd only receive a generic reply.

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evrey one has diffrent reactions i have a flu needle for over 40 years and never had a cold or flu,


I read that you are also on the Fibro forum - a family member started with aches and pains after starting the Flu Jabs late in life. Have you checked the ingredients .... just a thought :-)


I agree, there will be different reactions, and I am aware that this is a divisive issue. However, I truly believe that as with ALL conditions we should all be presented with accurate, transparent information so that we can make informed choices. Sadly this is not the case at the moment with the flu (and other) jabs. We are bombarded each autumn by NHS TV and pharmacy advertising which is very pro flu jabs and can be very misleading to those who haven't checked all their choices. Ultimately it should be a personal, informed choice. x


No time to look,but yes GPs do record refusals.Also most years the vaccine is only 50% effective and a couple of years ago 30%.


my problems came about through long term stress over many years,which in turn affected my thyroids and my nervous system , causing flight or fight syndrome. which causes fibro in most cases .i had my flu needles before and after my sickness and have never had any bad effects either way, one day at a time, is my way of dealing with this allfull illness,

This link is no longer working as this appears to be a series of videos. This thread is now closed to comments.

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