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have had this conversation before I know on another of my posts but I can't find it. My nutritionist recommended I have a 400mg dose of CoQ10 but the one she recommended is £64!!!!! I have mitochondria problems so apparently I need it. Could someone have a quick look at these and comment on what they think please?

I did purchase some Health Origins Ubiquinol 50mg but they are not lasting very long because I am taking 2-3 a day.

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Tell your nutritionist you can afford her fee or the £64 CoQ10 and ask whether she can recommend something more affordable.



I did and she got stroppy with me because I am not on a support program with her whereby she is happy to answer all my questions, so when I do email her she comes back at how I am not paying for answering all my questions. That's the reason why I am looking for someone else to work with, I don't like her to be honest and she isn't very professional


It's difficult to choose if you don't know the companies. I like the article in troohealthcare as I have read that both forms have benefits and I go from one to another. If you want to check out some reviews, maybe it will help you decide.


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