Is CoQ10 or Ubiquinol Helpful

What do members think about supplementing with CoQ10 (for under 30-year old people) or Ubiquinol (for over 30-year olds)?

I read Dr Mercola's article on this (sorry don't yet know how to post a link) and it sounds a possible solution to fatigue etc.

I would be grateful to hear members' experiences, views, and thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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Is this the article Adam (you just highlight the URL, copy and paste it into your message, it has to be simple for me to do it :D )

Further, unbiased research might be a good idea, Dr M is obviously out to sell his products, but I had read elsewhere that this supplement is useful for us Hypos.

I use Ubiquinol but not the Dr M brand. At the moment I only take 100mg but have heard you should take as much as you can afford. I am going to increase the amount next week when I start a new bottle. It's​ certainly not a budget supplement!

I can't say that I have found a big difference but that could be down to too low a dose plus I am currently tweaking my doses of Levo/T3 and am at present trying to claw my way back up after a reduction in Levo dose has caused a dramatic downturn in my symptoms.

Thank you seaside susie. This was the article I saw “The Perfect Storm That Threatens Your Mitochondria and Energy-Hungry Organs."

Very interesting you hear your comments. I will try the supplement. I'm trying everything else though not at the ssme time.

The pursuit of better energy goes on.

CoQ10 is helpful for a wealth of things because it helps our mitochondria with energy and it is a potent antioxidant. I personally take CoQ10 and there is no need to take ubiquinol if you are a certain age. I have spent a great deal of time and energy on research and absorption research on ubiquinol supplements clearly show that at the point of absorption in the small intestines, it has nearly all be oxidizes and transformed to CoQ10. This has no bearing on whether you are young or old - age is irrelevant. However, do not be despaired because that same absorption research shows that the body fully converts it back to ubiquinol as needed.

Thanks, that's very interesting info. I'd read that I needed ubiquinol, being over 50. CoQ10/ubiquinone is cheaper. :-)

It’s essential to choose a CoQ10 supplement that is both water and fat-soluble to be sure your body is actually absorbing it. Research shows that solubilized formulations of both CoQ10 and ubiquinol are absorbed better by the body and lead to higher plasma CoQ10 levels. (Source:

Thanks for that. More food for thought!

Thank you very much 777kaby. Very interesting. I will buy some CoQ10 and try it. It sounds promising.

I was advised by a doctor who was also a homoepath to take Co-enzyme Q10 but it didn't help me - we are all different though and she was confident it helped many people. What's to lose?

Thanks thyr01d. I will try anything to get back my energy so will buy some CoQ10. I'm taking statins too and saw that members said CoQ10 should be taken with statins. (I'm still not sure about the statins as my cholesterol is only slightly high and members here said there is new thinking about cholesterol which I see too but my Endo insists).

Best of luck with the CoQ10. How difficult for you if your Endo is insistent, I would not want to take statins. Years ago I read that lecithin brings down, or possibly dissolves cholesterol, might that be worth trying?

Very interesting thyr01d thank you. Will look into taking lecithin. Anything to reduce some of the stringer pills I take.

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