One of my doctors suggested I try CoQ10 and it has made a huge difference for me. I have been almost gluten free for 8 months - meaning no wheat but not trying hard to avoid contamination say from rolled oats. That has not seemed to help although I have lost weight. But for the past two months I have been taking CoQ10 and feeling much better. Has anyone else tried this?

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  • Yes, I was taking it on the recommendation of my doctor. May I ask how it is helping you?

  • I have been experiencing persistent fatigue - soul sucking persistent fatigue and brain...sluggishness? I feel more alert, more energetic and in short more myself than in a long time.

  • Great! Glad you're feeling better. :-)

  • What dose do you take please?

  • Yes, thank you. It has been a long road.

  • I've been wondering about adding that in. As well as the energy have you noticed any change in you bloods?

  • I have in my smoothie every morning. The other thing I've added which I think really helps with my leaky gut as I don't react quite so dramatically if I ingest gluten by mistake is gelatin/collagen hydrolysate powder.

  • Can I ask which collagen powder you use please?

  • Great Lakes gelatin

    Underneath says collagen hydrolysate.

    Green tube.

    Love it and I think it is definitely helping.

  • Thank you

  • Ubiquinol is the already converted form of CoQ10. May be even better assimilated. In a study it extended the life of mice. Dr. Mercola does a liquid one if you have the cash..... he also has plenty of references about how good it is.

  • That's one of the supplements recommended by Dr P.

  • I've not heard of CoQ10 what is it and how does it help? I've just introduced T3 to my levo but worry it's not enough and my severe fatigue is stopping me leading any kind of normal life. Can you buy this over the counter and does it have any side effects? Thanks

  • Your body produces it naturally and people taking statins are reducing their natural supply. Both co-q-10 and ubiquinol are useful and if you are older the ubiquinol may be better absorbed. Read up on it to see if you have problems in the areas that it may enhance.

  • I tried CoQ10 in the past with absolutely no effect whatsoever. Now I'm tempted to try the new one by Igennus: VESIsorb® Ubiquinol-QH premium Coenzyme Q10 100 mg, as their EPA is very good indeed, and my Nutritionist recommends them. Their website is very informative.

  • d Mcdonagh who I used to see told me to take it if the doctor put me on statins, it protects your heart muscle and teeth and gums as well what ever else it does,

  • I tried CoQ10 and had a bad reaction. My heart rate increased and a month after stopping I'm still not back to my usual levels. I found this to be interesting reading:

  • Blimey!

    that's a lot of side effects!

    I took it for a while years ago on the advice of my Neurologist as it was recommended for migraines,but it didn't help me.

  • Yes, I've been taking it for about 12 yrs. (on the advice of Dr Peatfield.)

  • How did you find Dr. Peatfield? Was it helpful seeing him?

  • My mum was already seeing him. Google him. He has sessions round the country. You just attend the one nearest to you. (Although he has been ill recently, so I have no idea if he still working.)

    I saw him about 15yrs ago. He started my journey of knowledge about my thyroid & the things i take now are mostly the things he started me on. (With dose changes & supplements added.) I haven't seen him since then, & I would consider this site & private. Looks tests the most useful to me now, but with Dr P, I would never have got started. I would have trusted the docs when they told me I had nothing wrong with me. I would still be very ill & wiykdnt have had any children. So he's a superstar in my eyes!

  • Pls what coq10 brand does anyone takes that works for them, I tried dr best but I didn't see any results. Am willing to treat another coq10 brand. Tanks

  • I take Nature's Best UbiQuinol 100 mg - the reason some people will have a bad reaction is that COQ10 has an added benefit and very valuable one too - it reduces blood pressure and I can prove this as I actually monitored it. It is a miracle substance for the heart muscle and teeth and gums as previously stated and I think I might be right when I say (I need to check my books on the subject that I have had since the late 70s when this substance was 'discovered' by the Japanese) that it can repair damaged heart muscle - ie heart failure.

  • Google the following - COQ10 and heart failure..................

    as a few documents on heart failure and COQ10 too many to send as links

  • Please also be aware of this when taking COQ 10 - see side effects for surgery and medication

  • Ubiquinol is a better form of coq10 and is needed for the mitochondria in every cell of the body for energy production. Anyone one statins should supplement coq10 as they stop the absorption of it from diet.

  • Thank you for posting this. What dosage are you taking? And in what form? Thx

  • I take Solgar's ubiquinol 200mg twice daily

  • I have been taking it for about 10 years now. At first 100mg and now 50 mg. If I run out of it I get to know about it! I heard about it at a FM and ME conference in Southampton when Dr Sarah Myhill gave a talk about alternatives. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago.

  • I have only been taking 30 mg once a day of CoQ10. I often have a good initial response to a medication and then sink back to the earlier problem of fatigue and mild desperation. I thought I would increase my dose if that happened but so far so good. I should probably mention that I started taking GABA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ashwagandha and Rodelia about the same time but as the CoQ10 bottle is the one that mentions energy production and the others are for other things, I figure it is the CoQ10 that is having the most impact. I ran out of Rodelia and don't notice any difference so far. I have tried a lot of things and CoQ10 is the first thing that has made any real difference for me so I wanted to pass that information along in case it is helpful to others. I also take adrenal glandulars for adrenal support, and while it has seemed to improve my energy just slightly perhaps, it is CoQ10 that has made a big difference.

  • My nutritionist recommended another at 400mg strength but it's £64!!!! Would this one be OK to take?

  • I think your body will tell you what is working for you. It if it helps, and you've been feeling awful for a long time, the money is worth it. If you can get good results on something else, excellent.

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