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T3 sources advice please

by PM please, I have decided to try a tiny amount of T3 as my TSH levels are still on the high side and T3 at the bottom of the range, still on 75 levy but GP won't increase dose and says being at the bottom of the range for T3 is fine, antibodies still high despite being gluten free for 7 months now (which has been great for some symptoms), tired although maybe not quite as bad as before.

I tried to order some last month, order never arrived but at least paypal refunded me, googling this evening many sites seem to want third party payments, massive postage or there are warning bells ringing. Can anyone please point me in the direction of a reliable source? x

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Most sites supplying T3 without prescription have had PayPal, MasterCard and Visa merchant facilities withdrawn and have to use Western Union, MoneyGram and other money payment services.

Members who can recommend sources will send you a private message.

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