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I'm new to the group.

Finally have my appointment with my endo but the bloods hes only testing are TFT (TSH,FT4) I have UAT I'm tired, brain fog, laser of energy, no sex drive,emotional,body aches... the list goes on !! What other bloods do you suggest I get tested and can any one recommend and any where to get them tested privately. Thank you in advance x

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  • tee13 The following tests give a full picture and can be done with a fingerprick test at home:




    Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

    Thyroglobulin antibodies

    Vit D




    Blue Horizon Plus Eleven -

    Medichecks Thyroid Ultravit -

    Always have thyroid blood tests done as early as possible in the morning (no later than 8.30-9.00), fast overnight (you can have water), and leave off Levo for 24 hours (12 hours for T3 if taken).

    There's no guarantee that an NHS doctor will accept them but it might be possible to use them as a lever for them to do their own.

  • Thank you will have at both sites. Will post results once tested

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