Graves ? Stop taking Propranalol

Hi, everyone. I have been diagnosed with Graves. (Started in Feb). Saw the endo yesterday who told me my levels have come down down T4 22.9 and should be up to 22, so just over. Was on Carbimazole 20mg twice a day, now on 20mg once a day for a couple of weeks, then reduce to 5 mg twice a day. He said I could take the Carbimazole for a year then need something more permanent, like RAI or surgery if it comes back. I forgot to ask if I should stop the Propranaolol now. I take 40mg twice a day or do you stop when your levels are down? Still feel like I rely on them! Thanks

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  • Argie1,

    You may not need Propranalol now that your T4 level has come down. You could try weaning off.

    I think your endo is rushing the Carbimazole reductions especially as your T4 is still over range. Usually your thyroid levels would be tested 4-6 weeks after reducing to 20mcg and further adjustments made according to response.

    Many people wean off Carbimazole after 12-18 months of stable levels. If remission isn't permanent and you are comfortable on Carbimazole you can take it for years. You don't have to opt for RAI or thyroidectomy which will make you permanently hypothyroid.

  • I agree, I think it feels too rushed. I've only had 20mg today and yesterday and am sure I feel shaky again! My next blood test is in another 8 weeks which seems ages!

  • If you decide to reduce propranolol, you need to do it very slowly. Typically 5mg drop per day. Stay on that dose for at least a week/10 days, before dropping another 5mg

    If you are on slow release capsules you may need to change to smaller ones or to standard 10mg tablets spread through the day

  • Thank you for the advice SlowDragon

  • I agree with clutter your endo is rushing the dosage cut that's an awful big drop I would insist on staying on 20mcg once a day for a while longer and then have bloodtest to see how your doing before dropping it again, if it's done too quickly your likely to go hyper again. Usually you stay on carbimazole for 1yr-18mths, then hopefully you will go into remission. Don't let endo push you into Rai if you don't want it I was on and off carbimazole for 12yrs before I had Rai and felt pretty well for all that time so no rush if you are feeling alright on lots of research before deciding on Rai as once done you can't go back.slow dragon has told you how to slowly come off propanol that's good advice as too quickly and you will get palpitations back .

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