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need your help with anxiety and Graves disease


I was diagnosed with Graves' disease in February this year and was put on 40mg Carbimazole and 40mg twice a day of Propranaolol. My Carbimazole was reduced to 20mg for two weeks then 10 mg which I started yesterday. I've been feeling more and more anxious. I work in a pre-school and feel myself getting anxious even walking through the door in the morning and I've got very little patience with the children, which isn't good! I feel tired all the time, muscle aches and feel shaky inside on and off. My last blood result was TSH <0.01, Free T4 22.6 and TT3 2.6 (I don't have the ranges) but Endo said T4 was slightly hyper as should be 22. I don't know whether this is just what to expect with Graves' disease or if I should go back to the GP to increase dose again? My appointment with the Endo is not until June 😔 Feeling like this is never ending!

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Hi I would phone endo's secretary and explain how you are feeling maybe they could arrange a phone consultation for you. I'm surprised they dropped your dose so quickly as if you were still slightly over on your t4 with the higher dose it doesn't make sense that endo dropped your dose. If no joy there then next step go and see gp maybe they can Lias with your endo on your shouldn't have to wait until June feeling unwell.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

Your dose of Carbimazole seems to have been dropped too often, in a short amount of time.

Each dose change should be tested after 6 - 8 weeks to see what the levels are. Then the dose is adjusted or left as it is. GP's are not experienced enough to treat Graves disease!

Get print outs of all your thyroid tests (you are entitled to them) then you can start to take control of your health.

Hi. I work in a nursery too. I'm off work though at the moment and have an over active thyroid - graves results pending. I'm on 40mg of carb, 60mg propanalol - I've not long since been diagnosed. There's no way I can work at the moment I just feel so weak and tired - so I think you should tell your manager how it's affecting you and see if you can shorten your working day or working week for a while. People keep telling me I've got to take it easy and look after myself so I'm asking you to do the same 😊

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Hi, thanks for your reply! Yes you must know exactly where I'm coming from! I spoke to the GP over the phone last week and he's given me a note to reduced my hours at work so that will be really helpful. My manager is very good so I'm lucky. I'm hoping I will stabilise soon!

That's good. I am the manager but I'm hands on too. You need to have physical and mental strength to work with young children - it's a demanding environment!! X

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