Mercury pharma levoxathyrine

Has anyone been having problems with aching joints with the recent batch of mercury pharma levoxathyrine? My lower back and thighs are so painful that I am having difficulty walking any distance. I noticed the symptoms after about a week of taking my latest prescription and asked my pharmacist if it was a different make. He said it was my usual brand, however he has kindly said he will get me another brand for my next prescription. I read on the forum that there were problems a few years ago.

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  • Stefcon,

    Perhaps your symptoms are due to under medication or vitamin D, ferritin, B12 or folate deficiency. When was the last time you had your thyroid and vits and minerals tested?

  • I had a blood test recently by blue horizon and I was vit d and b insufficient. I have corrected this.

  • Stefcon,

    Perhaps it is a bad batch. You can make a Yellow Card report here

    Has your pharmacist given you a different batch or different make?

  • He is going to try and give me a different make. I will find out tomorrow when I collect the prescription.

  • fill in a yellow card report its vital bcos far too many makes of levo cause such symptoms

    and as for Mercury Pharma they should be struck off for the price hike of T3

  • RFU,

    Be careful what you wish for. If Mercury Pharma are struck off the list of manufacturers there will be no T3 licensed for UK use which will play into the hands of NHSCC very nicely.

  • True Clutter but the other side of removing T3 is going to be a lot of very sick people all claiming benefits which will cost a fortune

    Time everyone affected by the t3 debacle flooded T Mays inbox because its her gov depts that are not facing reality and dealing with Mercury /concordia price gouging

  • I don't that that is in the least a desirable path towards improving the T3 situation. The people who would suffer are not pawns.

    Clutter is right - we don't like Mercury Pharma, but we need at least one T3 product to have a UK licence.

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