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Soooo tired but normal thyroid test

Soooo tired but normal thyroid test

Hi everyone / I've been exhausted for a while and although my annual tft test wasnt due till august 17 asked GP for another test as can't cope anymore. My memory has disappeared and in a lot of pain too with back and joint pain.

Been online and shocked to find TFT within normal limits again, as I felt so poorly, although Mcv much and ferritin at 8 not that good.

Do u think this would be the cause of my symptoms or should I push for vitamin tests?

Thanks in advance - would just like to feel 'normal' :)

Ps I'm hypo and on 150mcg levo per day for past 15 yrs

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we need your TFT results too to know whats going on

"normal " means zip


Hi sorry - I thought I'd copied all test results but it seems to have only saved 1. Here goes ...,

Serum freeT4 level 13.9 (7-17)

Serum TSH level 1.05 (0.4 - 4.5 )

Thank you for any advice xx


On the face of those 2 results its unlikely your hypothyroid but without


and vit b12 its hard to help


hi - thanks for this but would my levothyroxine 150mg per day make them within range? Or do u mean I was never hypothyroid?


Ah Imoran

sorry i overlooked the fact your on levo in which case i would think you need a dose increase so that your TSH is below 1.0 and your free t4 is closer to 19

its possible that




vit d3

are below halfway in their ranges which affects how the body converts levo T4 into the vital T3 that every body cell requires to function

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Hi lmoran1969,

Check your Iron profile, Ferritin, Folate, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D are all nicely in range

Also good to know what your T3 is doing!



Not a doctor but am studying physiology and anatomy, medical science.

Microcytic cells (small) and low ferritin (stored iron) indicates iron deficient anaemia. Low haemoglobin (although within parameters) also indicates iron deficient anaemia as haemoglobin can be normal even when iron stores within the body are very low.

NICE guidelines suggest that your GP should test for coeliac and try and identify the cause. Could be malabsorption or iron deficient diet.

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Thank you so much for taking the time out for checking , it is much appreciated. Although we don't want to have anything wrong., not feeling well always points to thyroid and as they are fine I couldn't understand or identify why I felt so rubbish and my memory on par of a dementia patient. Hopefully will get sorted now and I will get an appointment in due course x


Hi Kes, I had a telephone consultation with my GP today who has prescribed iron tablets x3 daily and repeat bloods in 6 weeks. Would u accept this or push for further testing before the six weeks are up? Where do you find the nice guidelines if I do Need to return to the GP? He asked lots of questions about what could be causing the low results but starting to feel that the tabs would be just masking an underlying condition. I don't want to be known as a hypervhondriac if I were to push for further tests

Thanks for taking time out of your free time to look at this xx


No worries - hope I can help.

If you have any history or family history of any autoimmune conditions then that would increase your likelihood of having an autoimmune condition including coeliac.

If you do have raised antibodies/autoimmune condition (and it would be really valuable to you to get them tested if you haven't) I would definitely push for coeliac serology testing. Especially if you have any digestive symptoms.

To aid iron absorption avoid anti-nutrients such as tannins found in tea and increase your consumption of vitamin C so citrus fruit, peppers, tomatoes, parsley.

NICE guidelines.


Also worth asking your gp to check your autoantibody panel and inflammation levels, ESR and CRP, because having one autoimmune disease such as Hypothyroidism increases the likelihood of having another, such as Sjögren's or Lupus for example. I have Hashis and Sjögren's (plus possibly another) and no matter how good my thyroid bloods are, I'm wiped out by the Sjögren's - the most underdiagnosed rheumatic disease and also the one most associated with fatigue.


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