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Palpitation, joint aches, pulse like noises in my ears!


I am relatively new on this site but your previous advice has been very helpful. My dr reduced my Levo last time I saw her (3 weeks ago). I now take 100mcg on weekdays and 75mcg at weekends, so reducing my overall weekly dose by 50mcg. I am under the opthalmologist as I have TED, which seemed to be much better on the higher dose, but has not got any worse on the lower dose (thank goodness). I have told the dr if the double vision comes back I will increase the dose back to 100mcg. However, I am suffering with palpitations, muscle & joint pain, swelling & tingling in my fingers and a pulselike noise in my ears, so my sleep is being disturbed, which makes me tired and lethargic. Would you think that this small reduction could cause any of these symptoms? I also take 20mg propranolol twice a day, vitamin d 800 each morning, 10mg amitriptyline in evening and rivaroxaban 20mg at 6pm. I take my thyroxine at 11.00pm each night away from all other meds. I had a TT last June. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi I am also new and had TT 13 years ago. Your dose of Levo seems very very low for TT! I was on 200 for years. Your symptoms are hypothyroidic. When were your last blood tests. Follow some threads here especially from Shaw and the administrators for advise! go to Thyroud Patient Advocate also for very scientific advise. I have followed Drs orders for 13 years and it has brought about a compketecphysical breakdown. Some people are ok on just levo post TT i was for 4 years . Then I now realuse start having conversion problems and need T3 . But no Dr told me this!! Not just UK problem, i have lived in 4 countries. Do some research from reliable resources. If ur results are recent post them here with ranges and we will help see what is going on 👍



A small dose reduction can certainly cause adverse effects.

Can you get a printout of your results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after results) for thyroid, vitamin D and ferritin, B12 and folate if you've been tested.

Your dose is very low for someone without a thyroid gland and, ideally, TSH should be suppressed <0.1 to reduce TED flare ups.


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