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sleep problems n pregnancy q

i feel extremely tired and sleepyand when i say sleepy i mean i feel that i will fall asleep as i cook or when someone is talking with me.now i take 100 levo by myself everyday when i will see the results?next blood test on May 26 i cannot wait until then,anyone else has the same issues?also i want o ask if all of these play a role to the fact that i cannot conceive a baby?

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Yes,I had before diagnosed. Been ok but now dropping off pm so think an increase in levo is needed. Why not get private blood tests. You could have a full set done in a week.


joannagof there's no history in your Profile but I've looked at a couple of past posts and you've only recently been diagnosed.

Your dose should be increased by 25mcg about every six weeks until you have relief of symptoms, one of which is fatigue, There's no quick fix, unfortunately, as it has taken years probably before we get diagnosed so doses have to be increased gradually - increases shouldn't be quick. I shall give you a link and tick off your symptoms.

This is a link and you will see your disabling symptom is listed.


If you've been taking your dose for more than 6 weeks you should have a blood test which includes Free T4 and Free T3 but doubt the lab will do so which would mean you may have to have these privately from a recommended lab.



I don't think increasing 50mcg over the week will make much difference to the fatigue you are experiencing. I said you were undermedicated in a previous post and suggested you increase to 125mcg daily.

TSH of women planning pregnancy should be 0.4 - 2.5. TSH >2.5 can make conception difficult and increases the risk of miscarriage.


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