Has anyone had to make complaint about GP practice?

Has anyone had to make a complaint about their doctor or gp practice in general? Looks like it's someting I have to do. I've sent a letter and left multiple messages for doctor to get back in contact urgently because I need to go to truibunal and get my ESA reinstated but without letter from gp I will lose the case. If he doesn't do it I could end up homeless! Hate GP's with a passion.

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  • Hypo101,

    It might be an idea to delay making a complaint until you have the GP letter for your tribunal. Contact the practice manager and see whether s/he can help.

    You can also contact Benefits and Work for advice.


  • Thing is the doctor isn't doing it. In last two weeks I sent him a leter saying very urgent, spoke to different doctor and left multiple messages. Haven't really left me with much choice and this doctor is the one looking into my case and rewuested funding for T3.

  • ask for an urgent apt with the practice manager TODAY !!

  • I agree, and/or this may be a matter of turning up in person and very politely explaining (incl the part where you could be *made homeless*) and asking for something to be done, even if it means any gp scrawling something for you to bring with.

    Also could leave an urgent message for local PALS. Idk what they can achieve but they may be able to advise.

    You have all my sympathy, I really feel for you. This is a terrible thing to do to someone.

  • ell doctor called me back and said he won't support me. He says no medical grounds to be off work, that working will greatly will improve my symptoms and be better for me.

    He fully supports me on t3 but would take on work issue. He doesn't believe that I've been trying even though for last year constantly be going back k to docs trying to get better. I explained that iItried volunteering but had to give up that up due to health decline and nobody wouldemploy me when iIexplained my problems.

    The fact that I can be, can sometimes barely walk, be in lot of pain, memory problems, weak muscles, depressed and other neurological issues mean nothing. He says no medical grounds for me not to work and that working will iIprove my symptoms. Even though it volunteer when iIcould and had to give that upd

  • I'm so sorry, what an a******e. One wonders if they've been so convinced for so long that you were absolutely fine could they not have told you this ages ago before leaving you on the hook w your tribunal coming up?? The mind boggles.

    Is there a different doctor there who will help? Or can you call upon other sources to illustrate that some people can be very ill w thyroid issues?

    I despair, people who are really ill just have no recourse and what does it cost a doctor to say a sick person is really sick?

  • I did this once, the Dr it regarded basically told me I can move to another surgery. When I suggested seeing a different Dr there the response was 'we're all partners'. In other words, no, leave! Well I didn't, I simply started seeing other GPs at the same surgery & haven't spoke to said GP since!

  • I have recent dealings with PALS , which is the Doctor / Patient mediation service in place in most areas.

    An official complaint via PALS was very effective for me , it made my local trust sit up and pay attention.


    if your GP practice is that unhelpful to you , be aware you will need to find another practice , sooner or later.

    A bad practice is a bad practice , you can't change that. For me I moved from a large practice to a much smaller practice. I lost the useless one and exchanged it for the "mother of Dragons" as my new GP ! She was however the most effective GP I have ever encountered !

  • Dont worry too much about the letter. In my experience the ESA examiners do not look at any evidence. If they ask why you dont have a GP letter, just say you could not afford it (GPs can charge to write the letter). Take your pills with you. It is always helpful to take a friend with you, just as a witness, and who may be able to prompt you if you forget something. Take your time answering questions and do not feel you have to do anything that may hurt you.

  • My vicar at my church is coming with me. He's done this before with someone else so knows the system.

  • I'm doing a letter to go with tribunal. Would it be possibly for you take a look at for me and advice if I should make any changes? Add things,take things out etc

  • No problem.

  • Than you very much! Just messaged you.

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