Gluten free to IBS? getting worse

Hi again,

I've now been gluten free for 10 weeks, initially I felt a lot better but over the past 4 weeks or so I have found that almost everything I eat turns me to liquid in the morning. I now cant eat any cooked veg, chicken or any meat. I am avoiding most fruit except organic apples and pears. I am reduced to eating white or brown rice, oats and oat cakes raw veg and fish. I seem to tolerate live plain yogurt. I have to go to the toilet early every morning with a sense of urgency. I also have, in the last few days developed a pain in my belly. I feel this is all related to the RAI I had 2 years ago. I've steadily gone downhill since then. After my last disastrous visit to the worst endo on this planet, I have an appointment - for a second opinion - with a different endo on May2nd.

Does any one think that this is thyroid related? If so would NDT be a better option than adding T3? My T3 is always in the low range. I have some T3 and NDT but would rather the endo gave me his blessing. I know that changing thyroid meds is not always the answer. But quite honestly I feel dreadful. Thank you for reading this long post.

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Have you been tested for coeliac? My friend who has cd said when she first went gf she had constant diarrhoea. Who knows why, maybe the gut has been trying to cope and goes a bit odd when it begins to heal.

They test for it when you go to the endo, but I was already GF so came back negative. You have to eat gluten to have the test!!! Will ask endo anyway. Thanks

Yes, you need to be consuming something like the daily equivalent of two slices of bread for six weeks to be sure.

Are you taking t3 now or meds (ndt) that contain t3? The t3 can stimulate the bowel but shouldn't give you diarrhoea unless you're taking too much. Or the fillers in your meds could be an issue?

Hi No I just take thyroxine, T4 125mcg. Ive tried different brands but only merc pharma suits me.

I dont think I could eat bread now. I did try but my TED flared up. Im feeling overwhelmed by it all. I dont have diarrhoea during the day only in the morning.


My sister has urgent and violent diarrhoea every morning. Coeliac tests are negative. She was referred to a gastroenterologist who initially mentioned Levothyroxine might be the cause but never mentioned it again. Sister has had a couple of endoscopies under sedation which show some inflammation but nothing sinister. Gastroenterologist recommended my sister see a NHS dietician but her GP hasn't referred her.

Thanks Clutter.

Are you in pain with this diarrhoea?

A good few years ago I used to suffer from diarrhoea a lot. I coped with it for a few years by taking a heaped teaspoon of psyllium seed husk powder in lots of water, twice a day.

People think of it as a laxative, but it actually bulks up faeces. So, someone who is constipated can benefit from it as well as someone with diarrhoea. I found it soaked up liquid and made things much firmer.

It can depend on gut bacteria whether or not it helps. I eventually got a colonoscopy and had to have a thorough clear out beforehand (obviously). It seemed to alter my gut bacteria permanently and quite dramatically and I've never been able to tolerate psyllium seed husk since. But for about 5 years it was wonderful stuff that gave me lots of relief.

I was buying this one :

It has to be swallowed with lots of water.

There is another cause of diarrhoea that might be worth considering. It can be caused by a blockage in the gut and it is called "overflow diarrhoea".

There is a possibility you have a blockage caused by your change in diet that hasn't cleared. The only way I can think of to clear this would be colonic irrigation (which has never appealed to me personally), or doing the kind of clearout you would have to do for a colonoscopy.

Bear in mind I have zero medical training and you will have to do your own research.

Thanks Humanbean. No I have no pain at the time but I have a gnawing pain in my lower belly now. I don't have any bloating either or gas for that matter. Will try husk. Thanks

Build up the amount slowly, don't leap into the doses I was taking immediately.

If you want a quick and simple (but more expensive) pre-measured version of psyllium seed husk to see if it works for you, you could buy a box of Fybogel from many supermarkets or chemists to start off with. It contains isphagula husk, which is - guess what - another name for psyllium seed husk, but the Fybogel dose was always too low for me.

Thank you.

Have you changed any meds or taken anti biotics in last month ? Do you take levo at night ?

I am a Nutritionist and here's my advice - go on a BRAT diet for 10 days to rest your bowel - google it - but the gist is :

white rice, toast , mash or jacket potatoes ( no skin ) , steamed chicken or fish , bananas, watermelon or honeydew melon ( no seeds) - stewed apple ( apple is very high in pectin and fructose eaten raw) , blueberries, cooked seedless veg - carrot, green beans , squash , yogurt, eggs, broth , soya products. ginger and peppermint also soothing .

Avoid at all costs caffine and alcohol and fatty foods or butter and go lactose free...

after you have rested for a week - 10 days return to a more normal diet slowly introducing fibre again but go easy and keep a food diary to see what aggravates you .

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day too ...

good luck - if this doesn't help at all go to doctor as you will need further investigation.

take a good gut pro biotic too and a multi vit until you feel well again .

ignore soya ( shouldn't have that on Levo ) x

Thanks. I have been keeping a food diary. Eggs are out. Cooked carrots brocalli parsnips chicken bananas and soy products are all out. I will try what you say though. Thank you for that advice.

I do take my thyroxine at night. Don't take any other meds. No antibiotics. I can eat live yogurt so do so most evenings. Thanks again.

Hi, I don't know whether this will help but I have had IBS for a good few years which started when all my hypothyroid symptoms came. It wasn't full blown diarrhoea but things weren't right and definitely too active. I went wheat free which helped but didn't get rid of it. Recently however as I have optimised my T3 dose things have gone back to normal and I am slowly trying wheat again and things seem ok so far. So for me, IBS was a hypothyroid symptom. I didn't get the classic constipation like some do.

Thank you that is really interesting. I am somehow convinced that this is to do with my thyroid (or lack of it ). Do you take T4 as well?

No I just take T3. I had all sorts of problems on thyroxine. I tried Armour but wasn't allowed to continue on it long enough to optimise my dose. Might be worth me mentioning that I have always been as regular as clockwork and always go in the morning!

Thanks blue lagoon. I suspect thyroxine. The trouble is getting t3 prescribed.

I was always irregular. Now I'm too regular!!!!

Are you maybe allergic/intolerant of oats?

Hmmm I sincerely hope not! I do get gluten free oats and oat cakes. The days I've been ok I have eaten them. It really is a mine field trying to figure it out. I just don't want to eat anything. Thanks. I will bear it in mind.

I drink San Pelligrino mineral water from time to time. I have Crohns - had it for 43 years. The high silica levels in the water bind things together and also cleanses the gut. Check out Prof. Colin Exley from Keele University.

Thanks Marz. I drink perrier water. I will get San pelligrino next time. 😊


First you need to exclude things via your doc, cancer etc... then if all clear, buy a juicer and a book "fit for life" not a bible but a good place to start. Just a thought,if your body's full of "rubbish". I mean toxins old drug residues etc you have 2 eliminatory organs: Bowles and the skin. I.e. Spots boiles etc = rubbish coming out of the skin, much better out of the Bowles. Bentonite clay and charcoal can Help things go out the bowel rather than the skin! Liquid Bowles= great skin, I should know. I personally only have 2 states for my Bowles, nothing happens, impacted Bowles and a sprint to the loo at least 3 times in the morning. According to the Chinese ( acupunctureists etc) 5 in the morning is the best time to go!

Just a hint, anything that is like a Brillo pad and rough can be just that in your stomach, we can't all take roughage. So try an elimination diet. Just take one thing at a time say for 7/9 days out like, I would start with the oats!

Then try soya, then gluten, then dairy, one thing at a time.

p.S. rice is full of arsenic, boil in twenty times the water, drain and recook. But eliminate for Noe. Long process but you will learn about your body?

Fish is very polluted now with plastic microscopic particles! Also some with metals.

Use lemons on everything. Sugar is not a food group it's a poison. If you get cold wrap up and get warm.

Make friends with your toilet. In with the good, out with the bad.

Just for info I juiced 56lbs carrots+ in one week, I was a nice shade of orange.

Listen to your body get to know it, it's always trying to help you. Be patient. Read.

Fear, stress signals to the body are making it think you are in dire trouble, so learn to "fool" the body by not enGaging it in every thought process!

Sorry I can't fit yo ears of learning into this one reply but you can always send me a message. Get happy. I find whisky and coke @ 5 helps me, find what helps you . Don't do anything that stresses you unless you can smile and tell your body that it's going to 😍 ❀️ it.

Your body has an innate intelligence all of its own. Treat it with love kindness and respect. Brave up a little. And miracles can happenxxxx

Wow! Thanks so much. I saw dr this morning she said ibs. Offered me medication which I declined. Funily enough I did not go to the toilet this morning! Victory! I am very careful about the fish I buy and am only eating small portions of everything. I was considering getting a nutribullet juicer for veg as I can't eat cooked veg at all. I don't use sugar at all ever. I use organic brown rice soaked then pressure cooked. It's been a staple of mine for 40 odd years and doesn't upset me. Oat cakes (gluten free ) seem fine too. I really appreciate your message. I will take it all on board. Many thanks 😊

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