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Problems with Uni pharma T4

I received my levo from Greece last week. No complaints at all on service, really nice trustworthy people. The problem Im having seems to be a reaction to the colouring?? The fillers are all normal stuff no nasty extras but all the doses are colour coded and ive taken 3 days 50mcg and my chest and face have broken out in a rash of spots! Im going to Spain next week have been told I can buy it over the counter there too. Hopefully no colouring? Anybody know about levo in Spain? Thank you xx

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I think Levothyroxine is prescription only in Spain. As far as I know Greece and Turkey are the only countries you can buy Levothyroxine over the counter without prescription.


Thank you clutter for all info. It was just that I read on expat forums that levo can be bought over the counter for 3€?


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