Where to buy Uni pharma?

I am newbie here. Just lost NHS prescription for T3 as many. I am not going back to only levo, no way! 6 terrible years on it was enough. And now when I am finally better they are doing me this again. I know I am not the only one, but still... Anyway, I decided to continue with T3 on my own, from what I was reading around many say that Uni pharma is the best cheap T3 but I don't know where to get it since I never had to get T3 on my own before. Please help.

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  • Hi

    I've just sent you a PM :)

  • Thank you so much Lindsayf x

  • Would you please send me a PM

  • PM sent :)

  • Please can you share with me too?

  • PM sent to you ;)

  • Me too pretty please

  • Just sent you info on PM.

  • Thank you. I ordered from them since several people recommended them and today they already shipped my order. What a service!

  • Hi Debby F;

    I'm just curious, why have you lost your NHS prescription for T3? is it because of the cost? I see an endocrinologist who is happy to titrate me off Levo and just give me T3 because I was great on T3 only but very symptomatic on Levo.

  • Of course it's because of money. It's always about the money and who am I for them to "waste" money on me. That's their philosophy.

  • I am so sorry Debby, I didn't intend to upset or anger you :( It really annoys me that there is such a lottery surrounding who can or can't receive meds that will improve the quality of life of someone who really needs medication or treatment. You are a very special person Debby, each and every one of us is special too so no amount of money is a waste if it helps to make you feel better. It infuriates me that some doctors play God with their patients lives because of money. I truly am sorry.

  • No, no, don't worry you haven't done anything to upset me, I am just mad at the system. I know that I am not the only one who lost the prescription for T3 and that it is happening a lot around, still can't figure out how some doctors still prescribe it and do they have any criteria or this is the pure lottery, as you said.

  • It is very much a lottery, Debby, as each area is responsible for it's own budget, I suppose it's down to how well they manage that budget.

    I was referred to an endo following over 3 years of increasing symptoms after TT due to papillary carcinoma. I have found that Nuclear meds have a get on with it attitude. The problem I have is that I can see one of 2 endo's when I have an appointment Dr S, who is more than happy to titrate me off levo and let me have just liothyronine, and Dr SH who contradicts just about everything Dr S says. I am hoping to see Dr S tomorrow, but at the moment I am taking 175 mg Levo and 20 mg liothyronine, which has finally suppressed my TSH after 4.5 years: levo on it's own wasn't doing that.

    This is your body, the medics are playing God with, and I really do hope you manage to get the meds your body needs. :)

  • Hi can you pm me the info too please?

  • My prescription for T3 was canceled as well, so I am in the same position as you. I am also getting Uni Pharma since then on my own, I am ordering from a website in Greece, it's quite easy and not expensive, so I am fine. Plus I think that Uni Pharma is slightly stronger than NHS Mercury so keep that on mind when you start.

  • Thanks, it's good to hear from someone who was on NHS T3 before and now takes Uni pharma. Thanks, for the advice as well, much appreciated.

  • Can someone send me info where I can get Uni Pharma, thanks.

  • Can I get the same info too please

  • Just sent it.

  • Thank you. I ordered yesterday from that supplier :) So excited, can't wait to start with T3!

  • Just to let you know that my T3 arrived from Greece in just 3 days!! Thank you and all the others who recommended this supplier xx

  • Yes, I got mine really fast too :)

  • Please can you pm where you ordered it from- I have just joined today and have spent hours reading everyone's experience which is just like mine I've been battling for t3 with my gp with no luck and am sick of being so tired and run down all the time thyroxine just isn't working for me I'm on 150 and nothing changes ;((

  • Could someone PM me on line sites where I could buy Uni pharma that will mail to USA?

  • I am ordering from the main supplier of Uni Pharma (from Greece), I am sure they ship to USA. Sent you link.

  • PMd you.

  • Debby can I have info where you bought T3 please?

  • Hi gummybon, PMd you.

  • Sorry forgot to thank you Debby, finally have a hope now thanks to you and others xx

  • please can anyone send me info too

  • I just saw your question, notifications are not working! Sent you PM.

  • Thank you so much Debby xx

  • Can I have the link too please, I was on prescription for 2 years, was just informed that it is over :(

  • Sent you link.

  • Thank you Debs, sorry it took me a while to find your post, I'm a bit lost here :)

  • Can you send me info on ordering T3 please x

  • Sent you link on PM.

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