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Where can I get WP Thyroid??

Hi...I am new to this but am hoping someone may help me! I was diagnosed hypo about 15 years ago and was prescribed Levothyroxine which I took for about 8 years, I became increasingly unwell with a number of very unpleasant illnesses until it was discovered I had a severe intolerance to Levo, I was then prescribed Armour which suited me well and the illnesses I had from Levo all cleared up, however I became ill again last year..and found out it was due to the re-formulation of Armour and it causing the same intolerance problems? I have been recommended to try WP Thyroid but no one will prescribe it for me and I am having to buy Raw Thyroid online which I am unhappy about, why won't anyone prescribe it? Can anyone help please? Josie

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Doctors will not prescribe any NDT, it appears, as it has been outlawed by the British Thyroid Association and it has also withdrawn T3 as well just recently.

There is Thyro-gold which was developed by Dr John Lowe who was also an adviser to before his death and he deliberately invented an NDT, made with New Zealand grass-fed cows to be bought without a prescription. I'll give you a link just for information.

Other members who have information about WP Thyroid will respond by Private message as no information is allowed on the open forum, so I'll close this post so only private messages will be sent.

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