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Help! GP stopped T3, where to buy on line

Hi, after over 10 years on T4/T3 combo (175mcg T4 & 20mcg T3) due to conversion problems (probably because I also have Sjogrens & Antiphospholipid syndrome) my GP says she is no longer allowed to prescribe Liothyronine.

I cannot function without it so please can any of you good people message me to let me know of safe reliable suppliers on line?

I'm thinking of trying Tiromel 25mcg as I have read that was equivalent to the Tertroxin 20mcg I currently take.

I'm new to 'on-line sourcing' so any advice/help would be very much appreciated.

I still can't believe the NHS are so ignorant of the problems denying patients T3 causes, they'd clearly rather pay to treat all the health problems I had before taking T3 than find a way of finding a cheaper supplier.

Does anyone know if GP will still include T3 in my thyroid blood tests if they no longer prescribe it?

What a ridiculous situation us T3 people now find ourselves in.

I don't know whether to cry or scream!

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Do you think it would do any good to bring her this? british-thyroid-association...


My understanding is that the decision to withdraw T3 is still under review and according to NHSCC it is NOT a blanket ban.

I would appeal the decision with your GP and CCG and show them the statement from the BTA which Punctured Bicyle has linked to above.

Ask your GP whether FT3 will still be tested if you self medicate T3.

Members who can advise where to source T3 without prescription will reply via private messages so I am closing this thread to replies.

To send a private message to Janeh1960: support.healthunlocked.com/...

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