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Could it be possible?

I'm not sure where to start, I suppose when I started not been well, however some things may not be relevant.

Around 3 yrs years ago I started having really bad episodes of dizziness and vertigo inducing vomiting ultimately I would end up in bed unable to move. Afterwards I feel extremely exhausted and achy everywhere for a day or so (unless I'm having continuous attacks for a few days). I have these episodes quite sporadic sometimes they are bunched other times I will have one random, after been continuously told that it's viral at the beginning of the year one of the GP's in my surgery suggested it could be Meniere's Disease. No actual diagnostic tests have been done just history, I began management treatment of betahistamines 3 times a day for a total of 48mg, I've actually stopped taking as it actually does nothing for my S&S.

The past 3 - 6 months I've felt dreadful, a general unwell feeling, constantly tired, I've had episodes of low bp 71/52 at it's lowest, I'm losing lots of hair at brushing and washing to the point my husband told me off as he said it was like having a molting dog :) I'm constantly freezing cold.

Last year I two episodes of been walking and alert but losing 20 minutes of time, I did tell my practice nurse who told me not to worry and stress can affect memory, it was the scariest thing I've ever experienced and really out the norm for me.

One of my lecturers had noticed I wasn't very well pale and sat with a thick coat and scarf on in a really warm room where people opened the window because they were on the verge of passing out. She suggested it could be my thyroid as she had similar experiences and turn out to be her thyroid.

I've been to the doctors and had my bloods done my TSH which is 1.66 which is almost in the middle of their range (1-4) the only things that were out where my creatine and wbc count (neutrophil & eosiophil) were low but not greatly low.

My doctor said everything is fine and suggested I lose weight and exercise, I am overweight and don't have best diet more of a not eating at right times and I never stop I'm a nursing student in classes and running round uni most days and when I'm not, I'm chasing my 4 year old round the house/garden/park. My lecturer said the ranges the Uk sometimes use are different and that other things could be affecting it.

I'm just looking for any guidance, any similar experience, I'm at a loss. I feel like I'm going out of my mind, I am trying to lose weight but been very much a yo-yo-er up and down then stay the same for a long time, then shoot up then yo again. I just don't feel right and I hate going to the doctors

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I wonder if it could be some kind of migraine. Here's my weird story. Since 2006 I have had funny episodes of my left leg going weak and off and on I noticed that I was getting a lot of stomach upsets/ food poisoning episodes.

I thought my leg weakness was my thyroid. ( diagnosed Hashis in 2004). Anyway, the last couple of years I started to get weird episodes of weakness on the left side and a funny pressure on my head. After keeping a diary I have discovered that my leg weakness and stomach issues are happening at key times in my cycle and doctors think that it is a type of migraine called hemiplegic migraine. I have never had the headache, thank goodness. I do feel col, tired and like I'm in a different world.

During my research I read about many different types of migraine including abdominal and they do not always present with a headache, but vomiting episodes. There seems to be a lot of variants of migraine.

Years ago I had terrible dizziness and even though I only had the leg weakness at that time I felt strange and felt like I had come out of something and felt more normal afterwards.

Might be something to look into.

Best wishes

Carolineanne x


Sorry you are having such a hard and difficult time. These are a few links for you and I would suggest you have some private blood tests which are recommended on one of the links:-


Could be B12 deficiency, all the symptoms you describe. Ever had your B12 and folate tested? Symptom checker here:

Lots more information and links here:



Hey Carolineanne,

Thanks you for your reply :) I do suffer from migraines every now and again, recently been getting one sided face pain/numbness and a feeling like my face is sliding off! Was prescribed Amitriptyline and put down to Neuralgia. I have also had the type where I couldn't form words correctly. I do have mild headaches most days but I have very thick long hair which I have up most days in tight up do's so I put them down to that. I know Menieres is a vestibular disease which has some internal pressure changes indications.

Thank you for them links I'm going to do the BMR temperature, just need to dig out my thermometer! Having a good look through all the links.

I did have my B12 done in May and can't find my print out of results. I will have to get another copy, doctor just says everything is normal when I got my print out my potassium, sodium, creatitine, and some wbc down but only marginally nothing more than one whole number. I'm going to get another set of my print outs of my bloods.

Thank You

Ashley :)


Get new blood tests...




Vit d



Thyroid antibodies

Without these and with symptoms no doctor can say you are normal.


I agree with the above blood tests, also the following (based on my own medical history and experience) could be included in investigations to find the root cause of your ill health - for example pain is one's body's sign that everything is not ok, and if it is just supressed by medication that does not cure - the original cause remains and develops further, fatigue is linked to many original causes, so is head pains, dizziness, cognitive/memory problems and vomiting. A thorough doctor should also investigate allergies and intolerances, parasites (from stool sample), funghi (like candida albicans, have you got coated tongue?), bacteria (like borrelia) and viruses (EBV, CMV etc) and then treat them. Many people are also deficient in trace minerals like zinc, selenium, iodine, magnesium. My understanding is that TSH is optimal when around 1-1.5 but you definitely should have the full thyroid panel done not just TSH..


Thyroid antibodies test is the key and if you have close family with thyroid or autoimmune disease. Certainly sounds as though you are hypo. For many people it doesn't show in their tsh which is mostly all doctors look at. Sue


I would also get the 24 hour saliva cortisol test done by Genova UK - along with vit B12, Vit D, iron, folate, ferritin, FT3 and thyroid antibodies. As a nursing student you can do your future patients a huge favour by recognising that doctors don't (can't or won't) acknowledge the importance of proper thyroid/adrenal testing and treatment.

The ranges given by labs are not the "normal" range as so often quoted. They are a "reference" range - artificially constructed by each lab. I asked mine how they are determined - the answer is that they use blood tests that are sent in from people "who haven't been diagnosed with a thyroid problem". In other words, they use blood from people who are already unwell - that's why the tests were done in the first place.

What matters is what levels your own body needs to be well. You can make a big difference by doing a wide range of blood tests (including but definitely not limited to those above) and then working on any deficiencies. Deficiency does not have to mean below reference range - just low in range. If you are unwell something is causing it - a doctor doing tests and telling you everything is "normal" is simply failing in his job - which is to find out what IS wrong and help address it. Most of us don't want to know what ISN'T wrong.

Sorry - off on a rant. Time to stop.

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