this is probably a bad question but can levo pill damage us

i m gonna take a pill for the rest of my life and that is something i still fighting to absorb into my mind after my thyroid surgery.but can this pill cause damage?

like to our stomach or other zinc you cannot take for too long because it can damage the liver what about levo.afterall is a pill

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Levothyroxine is harmless in itself, it is one of the hormones we produce. If you were allergic to one of the fillers it could cause a problem but you would soon know about it. It is important to have the correct dose, too little or too much is not good.


No, Levothryoxine is supposed to be taken long term and it isn't known to cause organ damage. Without Levothyroxine or an alternative thyroid hormone you will suffer organ damage and you will die.

that sounds really scary


As long as you take Levothyroxine, T3 or NDT there's nothing to be scared of.

Hi Joanne

Well, I haven't had surgery but I do have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism.

So I'm going to be on my Levothyroxine for the rest of my life (75mcg) . Wouldn't be without it!

It's a pity, in my case, that it wasn't started sooner as I suffered Hypo symptoms on & off for many years.

I Now have throat, stomach & Bowel conditions as well as other problems with my legs etc. Had I got my Levothyroxine much sooner I may have been spared some of these.

Every cell in the body needs Thyroxine to function properly.

Our bodies just don't work well without it.

I understand it can be frightening starting something new.

You can always posts any worries or concerns on here as you will find a lot of people with genuine understanding Who truly care.

Hope this helps.




thank u so much

Levothyroxine is the synthetic form of a hormone produced by the human body. It has a different chemical composition to the natural product which goes by the name of Tetraiodothyronine. I consider, therefore, that it is simply quite impossible to guarantee that it will act in exactly the same way as the natural stuff for everybody or that no side-effects or organ damage will occur.

As I HAVE HAD organ damage whilst taking levothyroxine, I am rather sceptical of anybody who says that no such events occur, especially when the same person would likely maintain that levothyroxine represents the "gold standard" in the treatment of Primary Hypothyroidism. The fact that no "proof" may exist concerning tissue damage reflects, perhaps, the fact that nobody has ever done any research to prove that what is believed to be true actually is true.

You may make up your own opinion; I have made up mine which is to treat levothyroxine as being poisonous and never, ever take it again.

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