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Hi, I was diagnosed with Graves' disease last year and have had problems getting it under control. I am mainly having problems dealing with stress, anything tips me over the edge the smallest thing changing or happening sends me into overdrive with palpitations and panic. I have had several medical problems over the last 5 years which have all probably played a part. Does anyone else get like this or is it just me. I am starting beta blockers and am hoping that they help matters. Thanks

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Hi , I got diagnosed graves in May 2015 and had a 15 month course of carbimazole and was taken off last September . Fast forward to February and I was put back on carbimazole as my endo thought I was going to go hyper again . My t4 on diagnosis was 86 ( 10- 26 ) and I was a complete mess ! . I couldn't cope with anything and was jittery , anxious couldn't sit still but also completely exhausted. Thank God I have not returned to those days as it was horrendous . I think all of the above symptoms are completely normal and associated with Graves . I feel tons better than I did but still have good and bad days . I hope you start to feel better soon .

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I'm in remission from Graves but find (as when I was symptomatic) that I deal very badly with stress.

Maybe try meditation, yoga, acupuncture.

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