Urticaria and Stress!!

Hi, Does anyone suffer from Urticaria? I have underactive thyroid (hashi's) and for quite a while now have been feeling quite well. A few weeks ago I started feeling itchy, large and small red bumps appearing on skin. Saw the Doctor and he said it was urticara and prescribed antihistamine. Almost immediately things started to improve. I lost my Father recently and am also under a great deal of stress with several other problems, so not feeling too good at the moment. Doctor thought that the stress was causing it and perhaps something I had used or eaten. It has flared up again today, not as bad as before (yet) so I have started the antihistamine again. Perhaps I shouldn't have stopped them!!

Any advice please. Thank you


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  • I believe there is a connection with the thyroid gland. I hope it resolves soon.


  • Thank you and also for the link

  • purerxo.com/thyroidpharmaci...

    Perhaps this will help too.....

  • Thank you,

  • I suffer with that when I'm under stress. When my family moved to a different town in my GCSE year I developed that bumpy rash literally all over my face and body. My new GP (in the first of a long line of misdiagnoses) told me it was hayfever...

  • GentleOrange that sounds so painful. Thankfully mine hasn't been all over. Well what a useless GP. Did he prescribe anything? Antihistamine is working for me at the moment .

  • The antihistamines for the hayfever helped! Lucky coincidence I suppose. But since I have been on a fairly aggressive vitamin and mineral regime (D3, C, B12, iron, zinc, magnesium) to support my adrenals I haven't had any flare ups, so I agree with the content of Marz's link!

  • Glad things have improved for you GentleOrange.

  • Before I found out that my thyroid was underactive, I'd occasionally have bouts of urticaria that were largely unexplained but I figured they were triggered by stress. But once I was diagnosed, I decided to go gluten free, and I've only had one urticaria attack since (in 18 months). I think my gluten sensitivity compromised my immune system which in turn made me more susceptible to stress related conditions. I've noticed a marked decrease in the number of migraines I get too.

  • Thank you for your reply un_piacere and glad things have improved for you.

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