Hypo symptoms ?


I am 53 yrs old male. about 6 months ago started to feel week thighs, forearms, brain fog, gained 20+ lbs, tired, muscle twitching and aches

had every test everything normal, I recently asked Dr to check my thyroid. he said based on these it is not my thyroid ??

What do yall think ?

TSH 4.36

FREE T4 .70

FREE T3 3.3

Thanks for any wisdom

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  • TSH 4.36 (.37-4.55)

    T Free3 3.33 (2.0-3.6)

    T4 Free4 .70 (.70 (.80-1.5)

  • garyadams - is your FT3 result correct? 3.33 (2.0-3.6)?

    Your TSH is almost at the top of the range and your FT4 under range so both point to Hypothyroidism. However, it's difficult to understand how you can have an FT3 almost at the top of it's range with a below range FT4 and such a high TSH.

    Have you had vitamins and minerals tested as muscle twitching and aches could possibly be linked with low levels -

    Vit D




    And were thyroid antibodies tested?

  • antibodies were not tested

    Yes FT3 is correct ?

    b12 was fine not sure about the others

    thank you very much for reply

  • B12 may be in range, but not optimal, that is why it's so important to put the actual results and ranges. Can you get copies of any other tests you have had done?

    If certain vitamins are deficient it will hamper the conversion of T4 to T3.

    Selenium can help 200mcg daily.

  • are you on any other medication ? Your results do seem a little odd ( ditto Seasidesussie) - what's your Gp's next suggestion if not Hypo then ?

  • he thinks I'm crazy lol ??

  • hi have you had an anti-body test? You could be be having a hashimoto flare. My bloods are fine but I still get a nasty reminder of my hashi if I stray a little, it took me 2 years of feeling crap and useless docs to work it out, you need to treat the underlying cause and the rest comes to you with time. All the best


    THANKS ;))

  • Hi sorry for slow reply,yes tpo is one tga is the other I think.

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