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what vitamins can help on hair loss?how long do i have to take levo to see if it has the bad side effects

i was taking feroglobin before years but it has iodine and i dont know if its bad after i was wondering what vitamins are good and safe when taking levo

also i m taking levo for 3 months.the last few days i noticed a lot of hair loss more than usual and super dry hair.i got scared because on the box it says that levo can cause total but not permanent hair loss.

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Have you had blood tests every 6-8wks since your tt and have you been getting copies of the results? It can take time to find the right dose but sometimes they aren't really sharp about doing the testing and making adjustments. You want your tsh to be low enough (1 or below) and your t3 and t4 high in range.


vitamins/supplements unlikely to help unless you have a deficiency


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