Link between hypothyroidism and breast cancer?

I've been reading thyroidmom's website recently and have a lot of respect for the lady, she makes more sense than my GP

Anyway I've had aching right nipple recently and it bothered me and she wrote about links between thyroid issues and possible breast cancer, is this something anyone's come across and should I be right to worry? Got crusty nose problems too

Thank you in advance

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  • Most bc does not present w pain as the main symptom but it can be a part of the whole thing, esp if there is a tumour behind the nipple (and there is inflammatory bc which is not common but can cause pain).

    Breast pain is usually benign and it can be a longwinded effort to get it to resolve but I was advised that some people get good results taking evening primrose oil and cutting out caffeine.

    Still, I would go to the doc and get it checked out. No point trying to ignore it if it is worrying you.

  • Thank you so much. EPO is good for a lot of issues and I do drink a lot of caffeine. Thanks again

  • I never knew that most breast cancer does not present with pain as the main symptom! That is good to know- sometimes I worry about aches and pains in my breasts but they always go away eventually. Will try to cut out caffeine but it will be a struggle!

  • Yes, it is a struggle that defeated me. :-) But my pain resolved on its own so just as well.

    Yes, every doc you speak to will say if it's painful it isn't cancer, but I chatted w a woman on this very forum who said, er, I had inflammatory bc and the only symptom was pain.

    My mum's symptoms were 1) a lump, 2) a retracted nipple and 3) nipple pain. But again, pain was not the thing that brought her to the doctor, she did have other symptoms. Maybe the best way to put it is that for the vast majority of bc, pain is not a standalone symptom.

    Breast pain is very common and difficult to get rid of so if you go to the doc w nothing but pain (no lump, no change in texture, no discharge, no family history) they are likely to treat it as benign breast pain of unknown origin.

    Just speaking from my own experience, I'm sure others have had different experiences. :-)

  • If it helps, I usually do a daily breast massage in the shower. I spend five minutes massaging my breasts everyday, as I've read it can help get rid of toxins. Like you, I have worried about a breast cancer/thyroid link, but doing a massage everyday helps me feel a bit better about it! When I get aching breasts like yourself, I sometimes find that going braless for a day helps resolve the ache. Just a few ideas to try! Hope you feel better soon

  • How funny, I was just thinking when I had breast pain my first thought was that I should add a second bra! :-) Whenever I drove the car over a bump the pain was pretty shocking so I thought I must contain any and all jiggle. :-)

    I had a diagnostic mammo which was fine but of course when I had my next mammo they decided to do four (four!) biopsies. From the other non-painful breast.

    The joys of approaching the menopause are legion...

  • I hope your biopsies are fine, puncturedbicycle. I am not looking forward to the menopause either, sounds like a nightmare healthwise! It's up to you, I don't think there is much evidence either way, but if you ever fancy going braless, it's not that bad! Nobody actually notices (I hope). If my breasts ache then I usually don't wear mine for a couple of days a week and they go back to normal again. Hope it works for you!

  • I should have said - everything was fine. Thank you for your concern. I live to fight another day. :-)

    I think if going braless helps then that is absolutely the thing to do. I just realised I do spend almost all my time indoors braless just because I am a shameless slattern and love slobbing around in my jimjams, but if more dynamic movement is involved a bra must be deployed.

    A lot of this will be dependent on breast size I imagine. For some women going braless is just not a comfortable option.

    I imagine heat and/or cold might be helpful too, depending on which sounds more therapeutic to you. I think it is a matter of relieving symptoms, so if it feels good do it.

  • Thank you all for your responses, braless is a big no no for me as my breasts are on the large side and again I worry due to that, that I will miss something.

    Got a GP appt on the 19th to discuss levo. Thank you all again very reassuring x

  • I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer exactly two years after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer . I went to see my surgeon yesterday and asked her the exact same question.... is this linked with my thyroid cancer..... she said she didn't think so but to me it's too much of a coincidence.

    Going off the C subject for a mo, do you think a blood T4 result of 17.0 (top of range 18 ) is too high when taking 125 mg thyroxine? It was 15.0 in January. I would welcome answers , thank you

  • Have you looked into frankincense essential oil? It has anti-cancer properties and works well for breast issues.

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