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Link between Hypothyroidism and Benign Ectopic Heartbeats

Hypothyroidism for 10 years and over last two years diagnosed with benign ectopic heartbeat. Cardiac consultant advised to lower Levothyroxine dosage and prescribed beta blocker as and when required.

I have recently spoke with 3 people who have had very similar outcome and very recently my daughter had the same problem

I would really like to know is if this is more common in the Thyroid community? and how many have been prescribed beta blockers?

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I have ectopic heartbeats from time to time. Dr Skinner said don't worry about it and so did my GP.I have hashimotos and I have never been prescribed beta blockers.


I guess if you have had all the relevant heart checks and cardio man says this- it's nothing too serious?as long as hearts ok I would think it quite possible its related to thyroid,but I am no medical mind!I had what was called ectopic beats before being diagnosed with hypo,just short runs of about 5 to 10 fast beats every so often. After taking Levo these have almost stopped but not completely,sometimes it happens but very rarely it seems Levo helped with mine,but maybe agrevating yours? I was never given any meds for it. I do hope you find the answer to your issue.


Hi, I also suffer from bouts of ectopic heartbeats and have Hashimoto's. I was prescribed beta blockers when first diagnosed (as I was overactive) but have since stopped taking them. I had bouts of ectopics while on the beta blockers and none since coming off. It's so hard to find the triggers, if there are any. I think mine just come and go but have also been told they are harmless, quite alarming and frustrating though.

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I have a lot of ectopic beats. My cardio offered to prescribe beta blockers if I really wanted them, but said that he thought they would make me feel worse.


I've had ectopics too and was told that it had nothing to do with my hypothyroidism. But I have since found out that when I had the ectopics I was slightly hyper with a TSH of 4. I was on T4 only and had no energy even though I was hyper. I have since changed to T4/T3 and after some time trying to get the dose right, now don't get ectopics at all and feel more alert. I've also gone gluten free and worked at getting B12 and Vit, levels higher. It may not be just one thing that helps but a combination of a few, so you will need to know your blood test results to find out what needs to be improved.

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If you had a TSH of 4, you are not hyper. That high of a TSH would make you hypo.


Thanks lb003 I think you are correct and the combination of T4/T3 with all the vitamins appears to get most back on track. Going for new bloods next month and also requesting to see Endo. I have ordered "Stop the thyroid madness" book and will be armed with lots of info before I go.

Keep well


Your doctor should have known that beta blockers are CONTRA - indicated if you are hypo.


I have had benign ectopics for 20 years. Yes they are very common in the thyroid community.

As the body slows due to the hypo state so do the electrical signals from the brain to the heart. Makes sense. Ectopic cells outside the hearts 4 chambers then get a little confused and fire off. Harmless but annoying.

I stopped taking Sotalol after 4 years as it was useless.

I live virtually ectopic free now except when I am UNDERDOSED on levo.

Maybe you should post your latest blood results.x

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joesmum have you found any literature about this? I've had them for around 11 years - about the same length of time that I think that I've been hypo (still undiagnosed). I get palpitations too. I think mine could also be caused by low iron.



No I'm afraid I don't have the literature. I've repeated what was explained to me by my cardiologist at a recent visit.

I had mine for 10 years before I was diagnosed hypo. As soon as I began thyroid treatment they started to disappear. Certain things will aggravate them ( as explained by the cardiologist!)

Caffeine.....big no no!! Try decaf tea and coffee


Decongestants that contain Ephedrine.



Caffeinated Cola drinks.



Heavily spiced food.

Tiredness (evenings)

They are ALL stimulants and will encourage ectopic beats if you are prone to them. Cutting These out of your diet or limiting them could help symptoms.

I cut alcohol out years ago and caffeine and decongestants........

You may find that when you speed your heart up by cycling or something equally as unappealing you over ride the ectopic beat and a normal rhythm resumes. When I first had mine I bought an exercise bike and would get on it as they started. It did help but an adequate dose of Levo has done more to dissipate them than anything else. My tolerance of the above stimulants has increased remarkablySince being on adequate Levo.

Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you! I'm very aware of tiredness and alcohol being a trigger! As for levo, my TSH will have to creep higher than the current 4.3 before they put me on that :-/

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Is tah of 4.22 high and could cause ectopic eposodes?


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