Hypothyroidism may be linked to breast cancer

Mary Shoman has recently written an update on the latest on this possible link. Jury is out whether it is definately linked but there is some interesting research.....makes you think. Below is the link to the article that Mary Shoman recently wrote about the potential connection:-


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  • Leaves me wondering how long most thyroid patients go before getting treatment (for myself 10 years) and then how many actually get adequate treatment and whether or not that is the real underlying connection. PR

  • Hypothyroidism is autoimmune..Hashimotos's, Cancer is Autoimmune, when you have 1 condition, you are prone to get more. Also, Hypothyroidism messes with your other hormones, making you more prone to Cancers.

  • Hi there,

    When you consider that cancers such as breast and ovarian are female hormone related and the thyroid produces hormones there is a possible link. Plus, most people who suffer from hashimotos or an under active thyroid are female then there could be a link. We need more research evidence to back up the theories, and until this is done we will just keep wondering.

    TT xx.

  • a very interesting article, my mother died from breast cancer at 59, two of my sisters had breast cancer at 60, I and my other sister both have hypothyroidism, which started in our early forties!

  • forgot to add after we both had hysterectomies!

  • Interesting articles. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and after a mastectomey I had a whole body scan. They found an enlarged goitre beneath my sternum. I need to find out why I have this goitre and whether it contributed to the cancer. Can anyone recommend a thyroid specialist? I was referred to a Ear Nose and throat surgeon by my GP, but he wanted to do a biopsy immediately. I declined as I did not find this helpful. I want to know the cause of the goitre, and then hopefully to treat it.

  • Thank you for that. Some very interesting links at the bottom.

  • I think it's evident that more research should be done but there's a very grey area of who exactly has a thyroid condition! I know on a forum like this it's heavily loaded with people who have a thyroid condition and are struggling to be diagnosed. That's the whole nature of a forum of helping people who have a problem but it does make me wonder how the ' contols' were selected. Was it along the lines of how the 'normal' TSH values were selected which we know to be flawed and did they have a full thyroid panel of results etc. female hormones, if unbalanced, can, I imagine, play havock with lots of things.

  • Too true silver fox. However even allowing for the inaccuracies of the dubious TSH test the research I read referred to ft 3 & 4 being in range for the control panel but less frequently those with thyroid conditions. Having said that I am no expert on evaluating medical research whereas you've worked in research so are far better equipped to comment then me šŸ˜Š

  • Dr Lowe said that if we are not given sufficient thyroid hormones we can get other more serious disease in his Critique of 2006. This is an excerpt within Dr L's report by another person - page 6:-

    "Kaplanā€™s observation also suggests another point:

    that T4 -replacement keeps many hypothyroid patientsā€™

    dosages too low to relieve their symptoms is an in-

    dictment of the concept of replacement. As the cause

    of (1) the continued suffering and debility of patients,

    (2) an increased incidence of potentially life-threat-

    ening diseases, and (3) the need for the chronic use of

    medications, T4 -replacement constitutes a public

    health menaceā€”one responsible for colossal human

    suffering and huge financial burden to society"


  • A very interesting article. I am personally convinced that there is a link between breast cancer and thyroid cancer in that they are both the result of high levels of oestrogen.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 at 63 years of age. It was oestrogen receptive and I was left in little doubt that long term use of HRT was the cause. I'd also had a hysterectomy in 1999 as the result of a huge fibroid and the consultant had suggested that it too was oestrogen driven. I was given HRT again after the hysterectomy and stopped it in 2010.

    While being treated for the breast cancer, they did a CT scan to prepare me for radiotherapy and there was an incidental finding of thyroid cancer - 4 cm. It had been growing inwards and wasn't picked up before. As we all know, thyroid cancer is slow-growing and it's been calculated that my little monster had been growing since about 1999.

    There are quite a few cases of breast cancer being diagnosed after thyroid cancer which has led to much conjecture including the idea that the breast cancer could be caused by the radioactive iodine used to treat thyroid cancer. Interestingly, that might have been the case if my thyroid cancer had preceded the breast cancer, as it would have done if it had been picked up earlier. That hypothesis has been blown out of the water by the order of events in my case.

    More and more I read of the increase in thyroid cancer which is still relatively rare compared to other cancers. It's frequently put down to better diagnostics but I do wonder. We're only now seeing the full impact of two generations in which the contraceptive pill and HRT have been widely used - often for quite prolonged periods.

    I think this may be an area that needs more research and investigation.

  • I agree Miggy093 with your comments about more research but have a feeling a lot of this is going in the wrong direction. I have recently read about a direct link with breast cancer and iodine levels which would appear to help raise oestrogen levels. I expect all who are on here read lots of conflicting information on the internet but more recently a lot about iodine, body Ph balance are going hand in hand with what make common sense.

    I have added the links below to what I have recently read but as always do your own research. I always read the articles fully and then take away what I believe to make sense or to research further




  • Hi, I've just finished reading "Hope for Hashimoto's" (2011) by Dr. Alexander Haskell and he has a whole chapter on "Brest Disease". I've just found this link: breasthealthproject.com/Pre... This article is dated 2005 so might be out of date but gives you an idea of his findings and theories. Earlier on in the book he explains why people with the Hashimoto's condition shouldn't take iodide or iodine supplements until they've got there TSH levels really low e.g. 1.0 or below. He explains this in detail. Hope someone finds this interesting :) I did

  • That`s just great! if having to worry about heart failure & all these other conditions linked to underactive thyroid, now I can start stessing about breast cancer as well! marvellous!

  • Sorry hairy frog but the reality is that even without a thyroid condition as women we already have a high incident rate of breast cancer -all I would deduce from this in my simplistic way is that as thyroid sufferers we need to be even more vigilant.

    Personally am not surprised about the oestrogen link (70% of breast cancers are estrogen positive) and can't help wondering why no one is investigating the environments and food we eat which are estrogen laden but surprisingly am not aware of any great effort to reduce levels. I switched to organic milk amongst other things for this reason.

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