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Hashi Flare

How do I know I am having a Hashi flare? Is it purely by the levels of my antibodies from doing a test? What symptoms? If so, what can I do to alleviate it.

Completed my second Candida and gut bacterial overgrowth protocol about 3 weeks ago and had a week where I felt pretty good then 5 days later BAM and experiencing the worst anxiety, shaking, panic, elevated heart rate that I have felt in a very long time. Took a few days but feeling a little better than I was but still very anxious.

I noticed on my last full panel early March (results in profile) that my Anti Thyroidglobulin abs had shot up quite a bit. Normally high in the top 200's but latest result at 454 but looking at my calendar (where I note how I feel daily) I didn't feel any worse than normal and had a really good week around the 20th.

I am wondering if the protocols she has had me on or in fact the Candida or gut bacteria has caused an immune response.

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I have no idea what people mean by a 'Hashi's flare'. I think it's just generally used when people are having a bad period in some way. What I know about are Hashi's 'hyper' swings. After an antibody attack, the damaged cells discharge all their stored hormone into the blood stream, temporarily raising blood levels of T4 and T3. The patient may feel a bit hyper. But, when all this extra hormone is used up, the patient goes back to feeling hypo again - except that now they are more hypo, because there is less gland to make hormone.

Given that antibodies are at their highest just after an antibody attack, it makes sense that you felt good that week, because of all the extra hormone in your blood. :)

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