Feeling worse than ever

Good evening everyone,

These past few months I have been feeling really terrible and it's not easing. I really don't know what to do now, if anyone could shed any light on whats happening I would be so grateful. My Illnesses are Hashimoto's, Adrenal Fatique, Low Stomach Acid, Leaky Gut, Fibro, Candida, I have very low Iron and Vitamin D that I am now supplementing, I am going through a very early menopause, which has caused me to be close to Osteoporosis, while trying natural progesterone cream I ended up having estrogen dominance which was horrendous, as if that wasn't enough I have hurt my foot. My worst symptoms are a very tight chest with a burning sensation, high heart rate, feeling really ruff, laboured breathing, unable to sleep, fibro, headaches and very low mood, starting to feel quite depressed.

Will things never improve, I feel dreadful all the time now

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  • It could be that your lack of iron is affecting your mood and general wellbeing. There are some articles that suggest the thyroid only functions properly when you have enough iron in your system so that should be your priority. Ferrous fumarate can be prescribed by the GP and is kinder on the digestive system compared to the (presumably) cheaper sulphate. Hope you start to feel beer soon.

  • Hello Mahala, thank you got your reply. The doctor would not prescribe anything, told me to get some Iron, which I did, I have got Nutri Ltd's Iron and also some of that liquid Iron as well.

    Best wishes

  • Eat heaps of veggies and salad. Cut processed foods completely.

    Have veg nuts seeds avacado and a bit of fruit. Coconut oil olives fresh lemon juice. Use a nutrininja or blender and flush yoursystem of toxins.

    I would assume youare not eating dairy or gluten. Come off of grains for a while. Don't eat supermarket meats.

    It's extreme but it sounds like you need extreme.

    Sucks doesn't it. Tumeric and ginger are anti-inflammatory.

    Good luck

  • Ps did someone prescribe you progesterone cream? If so they should be helping you more. Get a practitioner that has aneven more holistic approach.

    Pps I should have asked what you are eating before I dished out the nutritional stuff. What are you eating drinking?

  • Hello 108Optimist,

    Thank you very much for your replies. Food wise I have a Gluten Free, Veggie diet (this includes no fish) No cream, but I must admit to having a little semi skimmed milk in normal tea - I have no more than three cups a day but have been trying to cut them out. I drink Camomile or peppermint tea, Filtered water and occasionally I have a glass of sugar free shlor. I do do much more cooking these days but still really need to do more.

    I purchased the Natural Progestone Cream for Jersey (recommended by Dr Peatsfield, in his book) as I didn't want the HRT, I followed there way of doing things and it back fired terribley on me, Im now reading the book "what your doctor may not tell out about menopause" by John R Lee and its never as easy as slapping on a bit of cream : <

  • Are you taking any other meds? Have you been tested for ebv? I'm sure you have investigated all options.

    It's a buggah isn't it?

    Are you also holding down a job and raising kids or in relationship?

    What was is your parents and siblings aunts etc health like.

    Do you have mercury fillings?

    Take care. I'm quite certain you have asked yourself all these questions already x

  • Hi KW

    Change to NDT , tweak dose until free T3 and T4 are right, go 110% gluten free, get your vitamins sorted including B12 shots and the world will be a different place. good luc

  • Pls let me know what "right t4 and t3" is...

    I have been given so many varieties it makes my head spin!


  • GF - You need your Free T3 and T4 included in your next blood test (even if you have to pay for it). They will include acceptable ranges for both. Different countries use different range measurements which confuses the issue. But basically you want to be at the top of the range for your measurements. I struggle to take enough thyroid medication no matter what flavor it is (NDT or Levo) hence I always feel a little tingly and vertigo when I'm getting enough and can use that as a guide. But you need to keep getting it into you or you do organ damage.

    If you are correctly dosed your TSH will drop to somewhere around 1 or maybe even disappear.

    best of luck


  • Oh my I have been on so many doses of T4 and T3 over the past 16 years since my thyroid ectomy I have always gotten my free T3 free T4 and TSH results and as usual I have a pretty good free T4 it's always higher in range and the free T3 if it goes above 5 - 5.2 I find myself extremely hyperthyroid with a lot of uncomfortable symptoms such as I had insomnia anxiety very thirsty shaky Restless excetera excetera excetera also funnily enough I gain weight as soon as my free T3 climbs I've had it where my free T4 is midrange and my free T3 up in the top third of range it doesn't matter with me I still feel hyperthyroid and I gained weight I have my cortisol checked and it is normal I've had my reverse T3 test and that is normal it just seems like for me I cannot tolerate a free T3 higher than midrange I might even be better when it's lower than midrange it just goes to show you how different we all are and how sometimes having are free T3 and free T4 higher in range isn't always the best for an individual thank you so much take care sorry this is a run-on sentences I'm doing talk-to-text LOL have a great day oh I also forgot to add my TSH is always less than 0.01 no matter what dose of T4 or T3 I am on in fact I was only on 100 T4 only and my TSH was 0.02 so I guess I'm the one that is very sensitive to thyroid hormone and it suppresses my TSH without any problem thanks again

  • Have you tried NDT - I loose weight on it stopthethyroidmadness.com/h...

  • I'm afraid to as most people say their free t3 climbs high...which is good for some but for me i get hyper...really hungry...sweaty, anxiety etc....

    Wondering if anyone else experiences uncomfortable symptoms as a result of a higher free t3?

  • Hello james,

    Thank you for your reply. I am afraid I do not tolerate Thyroid meds at all well. I am at the stage of just taking it once a week.

    I am Gluten free and I do take a vitamin B complex, oddly enought the B12 came back on the blood test results as being really high.

  • KW - Most likely you aren't tolerating Thyroid meds because your Adrenals are out of sorts. You will need to build up slowly with vitamins. and NDT I found a daily Mega Magnesium helped me immensely. stopthethyroidmadness.com/ is the best resource for helping get on top of Hypo.

  • Excellent Thank you James, I do have adrenal fatique, i didn't realise magnesium could help. I have magnesium malate to help with fibro - sounds like I need more.

    Best wishes


  • start from scratch and think about what cookware you use

    kick out every single bit of aluminium or non stick coated inc electric frypans,sloww cookers,bread making machines,george foreman grills

  • Thank you reallyfedup, I do use non stick and aluminium pots and pans.

    What saucepans etc are best for us?

  • stainless steel or cast iron or glass

    heat aluminium or non stick coated etc and the aluminium gives off a kind of radiation that affects the food and then scrambles your body cells

    google sesrch for aluminium poisoning or allergy and work by H Tomlinson Aluminium utensils and disease

    non stick coating is flouride which causes the body to absorb aluminium at 100times the rate (research done in sri lanka )

    check with your water supply co as to whether they use alum or aluminium salts or flouride in their treatment works

  • Thank you reallyfedup, this is very interesting. I will do some research and get up to speed/

    Best wishes

  • Hi Kitten-whiskers,

    When our adrenals are unhappy and our thyroid is not supplemented well the cluster of symptoms grows. It sounds as though you may need to go back to basics and address your adrenals first (probably why you cannot tolerate thyroid meds) iron and then thyroid. You may need to go onto t3 only. Have a read of the info at rt3-adrenals.org to help work through what you need to test and do to heal your adrenals. It can be done and you will get there. I know everything feels so overwhelming, but if you take one tiny step at a time you will manage. Good luck and take care x

  • Thank you Jennyrigg,

    It does seem very overwhelming, and the pain is so bad. I think i need to read the rt3- adrenals, sorry my brain has gone to mush :<

  • Hang in there. Help is available, not necessarily from doctors but people who have suffered and found their own answers and now share them to help others :) I was just re-reading some stuff on the rt3 site and it stated that an inability to tolerate any form of thyroid hormone is most often low cortisol. So see if you can start with your adrenals. Take care x

  • Thank you Jenny, I will focus on the adrenals

    Best wishes

  • Kitten-whiskers - is it possible that you have some sort of inflammation going on? Or toxicity from amalgams etc? Sometimes it's necessary to look outside of the thyroid box.

  • Hello Cinnamon-Girl, you are correct, I have had three blood tests more recently that clearly showed that the inflammation counter is quite a bit above the range but doctors say it doesn't matter and also my red blood count was high as well.

    It's not saying much really my Iron was way below the range at just 6 and that got ignored and also vitamin D was low - they just hide behind these tests, so now I am a bit stuck as to what to do, obviously I purchased Iron and Vitamin D with K2 but not sure what to do about the rest of it

    Best wishes


  • K-w - clearly you can't expect any common sense from the NHS! It may well be that this inflammation or toxicity is stopping thyroid hormone from working.

    Ruthie has posted an excellent response re your diet as well as mentioning candida/parasites. My private doctor suspects I have parasites and am doing intensive gut cleansing as well as chelation.

    Going back to diet I try as much as possible to buy organic meat, from animals who've been treated well and humanely. Eating liver weekly would certainly help your iron level, it can be made into a stir fry etc.

  • Thank you Cinnamon_girl

  • The thing that stands out for me is your near vegan diet. In evolutionary terms we really are not well adapted to diets that are short of meat and fish. And while lots of people get away with it, there is no doubt in my mind that once things go wrong a vegetarian diet can exacerbate things.

    Of course I realise that giving up being veggie isn't necessarily the easy choice. Its just my opinion that it will be contributing to your failure to heal.

    What have you done about Candida? Have you tried any parasite treatment?

  • Good afternoon Ruthi,

    Thank you very much for your reply, i do appreciate all the helpful info you have given me.

    For the Candida I take a high probotic, with Biocidin Forte and Mycropyl (all from Biocare) I also use tea tree diluted - I have been on this for years now, I rarely have sugar and never have yeast. What would be a parasite treatment?

    Best wishes

  • There are preparations that actually kill candida rather more effectively than what you are doing. Look at CCWS (lufenuron), Candigest and Humaworm Candida. I am currently doing the latter and it is certainly having an effect!

    Parasites (worms, nematodes and flukes mostly) also tend to get out of balance when we are like this. Humaworm is generally regarded as 'the one' but it takes a while to arrive so I went with ElleBelle Eliminateur. It obviously did something because my candida sugar cravings went wild!

    Its difficult to say whether I feel better at the moment - I am mid die-off and feeling fairly rubbishy. But under that I don't feel too bad! And I am certainly sleeping well!

  • Thank you Ruthi, I will certainly look into this. I have longed for die off for many years.

    Its great to hear things are imprvoing for you.

    Best wishes

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