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When I had my 23andme test last year it came back that I was MTHFR etc., and my then FD said I needed to take Hydroxycobalmin, not the methyl that I was taking. My levels on my last blood test (in profile) arn't too bad so I cut down on taking every day.

When I had my OATS test done recently it says I have a high methylmalonic acid marker which is seen in poss vit B12 deficiency or defective absorption.

My now nutritionist says I need methyl and not hydroxy.

Confused.com - I have no idea what to take

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  • Hi - you need methyl and not hydroxy because you can't convert hydroxy well.

  • Jefner,

    Apparently most people do have MTHFR mutations. healthunlocked.com/pasoc/po...

    Pop over to PASoc for advice about high MMA and B12 deficiency. Hydroxycobalamin is only available in injections I think.

  • Clutter

    Thanks hon, I have a bottle of hydroxy Swansons tabs that I had been taking for a whilst until she moved me onto these metabolics.com/b-complex-po... She wants me on two a day now but little does she know I was only having half a capsule each day because I am sure something in them is a little too strong for me

  • Jefner,

    Many on this forum advocate 1000 pg/ml & supplement in tablets, sublingual (under the tongue) or liquid as Methylocobalamin.

    Most MTHFR issues means you struggle to convert cyanocobalamin to hydroxocobalamin and then to adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin. …. BUT it depends on what other genetic mutations you have that influence these conversions and the effect it has on absorption and use of.

    If you have had other genetic testing and trust your practitioner to interpret your results correctly, it may be that you need hydroxcobalamin in preference to methylcobalamin.

    Be aware you will also need to take a B complex in addition to the B12 to keep a balance in the Vit B group..

  • Thank you i already take a full complex with b12

  • Clutter , Jefner you can get hydroxo sublinguals and also nasal sprays.

    some people with MTHFR variants don't respond well to methyl B12 and there are other genetic variants that may not respond well to methyl.

    Jefner suggest that you take a look at and post on the PAS forum - link provided by Clutter above. If you have details of the last test you mention would be useful to provide those - particularly if you also have B12 levels.

  • Gambit62

    All my results on are on my profile hon. My B12 levels are up and down like a yoyo

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