I have come off levothyroxine after being on it 20 years 100mg i decided 2 come off it as feeling ill aches&pains bloated no energy depressed also went off gluten& lactose never felt so good in years!!!! But my bloods told a different story! I googled for better additive free meds a lot of them are from america & my docter wont prescribe coz its unlicenced in the uk!! Every good medication for the thyroid is in america!!!! Wtf!!!! Why are we all allowing this to happen we the people with this chronic ailment are only getting the bog standard £1 a pack medication which is so laden with the fillers& dyes& crap thats making a lot of us unwell Were Do We Go From Here!!!!!! Please help

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  • Ja90,

    There are no dyes in UK Levothyroxine. There are 4 different makes of Levothyroxine in the UK: Mercury Pharma 25/50/100mcg, Actavis (also known as Almus) 50 & 100mcg, Wockhardt 25mcg and Teva 12.5/25/50/100mcg. Ask your pharmacist to dispense one of the makes you haven't tried to see whether you do better than on your previous make.

    GPs can prescribe unlicensed medications but they are not obliged to do so. If you want something other than Levothyroxine you will need a private prescription or you will need to buy it on the internet and self medicate.

  • Dear clutter there might b no dyes but there full of crap bulk fillers hav a look! The liquid teva & eltroxin r v expensive

  • Ja90,

    Why mention dyes then?

    There are fillers in every tablet including NDT which I presumed you were referring to in your opening post.

  • Im on eltroxin and its cheap in south africa but the last few months has been making me feel worse im trying to find a natural thyroid medication.here. i havent a clue of the fillers in eltroxin.

  • Probably the "purest" levothyroxine doesn't come from the USA. It is Tirosint which is actually European:

    Manufactured for Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, LLC by: IBSA Institut Biochimique SA, 6903 Lugano, Switzerland


  • Dear helvella its v expensive

  • Well aware that it is very expensive.

    I simply wanted to put the record right - that the "purest" levothyroxine does not originate in north America.

    Similarly for liothyronine, Liotir contains only Ethanol 96 percent; glycerol 85 percent as additional ingredients.

    It is always necessary for thyroid hormone preparations to contain excipients (ingredients other than the active ingredient) - for the simple reason that the minute size of a dose of thyroid hormone would be physically unmanageable.

  • Wow ive been on eltroxin 4 20 years also and feel so so horrible im trying to get off it also as really i cannot continue like this. My local health shop sells natural thyroid but i havnt tried it yet. I suppose what am i waiting for? Im skipping my eltroxin today as yesterday i had such a bad day its a battle with your body daily. I was exhausted bloated feel like im insane most of the day. This is not a way to live. I see no doctors on this blog. Are they hiding from thier patients i am furious with the medical community they just do not care. The pharma companies are just raking it in. Biggest hoax of the century. Getting us hooked on thyroid meds. And ruining our lives.

  • Hey Ja, I'm in Germany and we have certain brands of Levo that I notice quite a few members from the UK are able to get on prescription and they seem to do better with less fillers.

    To the moderators: Am I allowed to list a couple brand names here? (Don't know the rules).

    If you have a prescription you should be able to get these brands either in the U.K., or via an online pharmacy and have it mailed to you. It could be worth a try as I've read other members specifically sourcing these German brands as they don't react to them.

  • After reading the bottom posts I realize I can name some brands. Take a look at Henning (parent company Sanofi) levothyroxine, and also Aluid levothyroxine. I've been on Henning in the past and did well on it, switched to a sister brand which is the same but with added T3. I've read a number of members doing better on these two brands rather than some of the UK brands, and they have been able to get the prescription filled in/from the UK.

  • I was just answering with this:

    Like L-Thryoxin Henning and Aliud?


    Posting guidelines are here:


    Thanks for checking. :-)

  • Thanks helvella! 😊

  • Thank u dang big help

  • Self medicate is what most people do. When they realise that there are few doctors who have been trained to treat the patient not the numbers they self medicate.

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