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Hi, I've just joined. I have autoimmune hypothyroidism. I'm 26wks pregnant & have been struggling to balance eating in accordance with AIP regime and eating enough (esp enough starchy carbs) for me & baby. I've more or less decided to restart eating seeds, nuts & possibly nightshade veg until have finished breast feeding.

Is any one else trying AIP or have managed to achieve remission by other means?.

Best wishes


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Have you been given thyroid hormones to take, or are you going the AIP method first.

Because it is antibodies that are attacking your thyroid gland which will mean you will eventually be hypothyroid, those members who have 'hashimoto's (the commonest form of hypothyrodism) have reduced their antibodie by going gluten-free. I assume that's what you are doing but I don't know whether you can become 'in remission'.

Others more knowledgeable than I am will respond.

When you get blood tests for thyroid gland, it must be the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water). If you were taking thyroid hormone replacements you'd allow 24 hours gap between last dose and test.

Ask GP to test B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too and always get a print-out of your results with the ranges, for your own records and so you can post if you have a query.

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Thanks for your response shaws. I tested as having significantly raised thyroid antibodies a few years back. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last autumn & have been on 25mcg since then ( the smallest poss dose I understand) with regular blood tests & consultations with antenatal endocrinology team to monitor my levels & baby's growth.

I began AIP (auto-immune paleo) nutrition regime approx 2 weeks before I became pregnant - therefore excluding gluten & dairy (casein) & much else.


AIP is supposed to damp down autoimmune response & associated inflammation. So would hope to see lower antithyroid antibodies and eventual remission of autoimmune assault on thyroid & related symptoms. Here's trying (all be it in a more limited way for the time being) & here's hoping!.

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25mcg of levo is an extremely small dose, usually it is 50mcg (unless very frail with a heart disease) with 25mcg increments until symptom free. I believe baby has developed their own thyroid gland by 10 weeks.

I think you'll have a healthy pregnancy with your nutrition regime.


👍🏼 thanks. I hope so.


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