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New here and puzzled

Not felt well for ages (age 56) only medication is HRT. Feel tired, high cholesterol, weepy, very dry skin, gaining weight (but doing plenty of exercise & eating healthily), feel bloated, dizzy, poor memory & more. Asked GP about thyroid tests and they came back "normal". I asked for more details and TSH was 1.56 and T4 13. Didn't mention T3. If they're normal what's wrong with me? I feel about 90 today with no energy whatsoever. I force myself to walk a few miles each day and I cycle regularly but for 2 pins I'd sleep for a month. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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hi i now how you feel, i have an underactive thyroid and when my levels are NORMAL i feel really ill, headaches, lightheadednss, panic attacks anxiety the list goes on, im in bed by 6.30 at night everyday, and when i have had a good nights sleep, meaning waking up about 3 times i feel like i could fall asleep standing up, i am about to try and get a referral off my gp to see a private doctor to see if he can sort me out, i have been like this for 8 years now and have also got agrophobia because of panic and anxiety, i just want to be like i was before i had thyroid problems, take a look at 21st century syndrome by dr wilson very informative.


ahhh thank you Kimbo and so sorry you're feeling rotten too. Iw ill take a look!


It sure sounds like you are undermedicated. Let us know what your TSH and Free T4 results were and the lab ranges, ideally your TSH would be under 1 and your Free T4 at the top or even above the range.

Not many people know what their TSH and Free T3/4 results were before they had thyroid disease (either hypo or hyper) so it is difficult to know what our "normal" is.

I felt quite ill with a TSH of 3 and yet OH had his tested a few months back and his TSH was 3 and he is not hypo.

I have the book that you mention, it is very good. I could start a library to be honest.

Before going to the expense of seeing a private doc try and convince your GP to increase your meds as per the guidelines that NHS GP's are given above which are in a recent Pulse article and in the book that you can buy in Chemists.


Hi, sounds oh so familiar. Did you know that for a blood test to be accurate, it would need to be taken every day at the same time? Try taking your temperature every morning 10 mins before you get out of bed (so that you are still relaxed) for a month and if it is consistently low show it to your doctor. Also highly recommend Dr Peatfields book 'Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy'.

Good Luck.


Thank you Trixie. I will try that. I must admit I tend to rush a bit in the mornings so that 10 mins will do be good too.


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