Anyone maintaining an AIP and low histamine diet at the same time?

Hey guys, on top of Hashimoto's I also have a number of digestive issues, I'm sure a lot of members here do to. I've been trying to maintain an AIP diet, I went through the restriction phase, and reintroductions, but ended up reacting to a bunch of foods on the "safe" list. Then I learned that I am Histamine Intolerant. So now I'm trying to balance the AIP with a low histamine diet, and I'm totally lost. On top of this I react to meat (haven't eaten meat other than fish in the past 10 years) so I'm incredibly limited. But I'm currently trying to reintroduce chicken (last two attempts have made me sick).

Would love to hear if someone has success balancing these two diets. If anyone knows of some resources where I can find recipes that consider both diets together (probably asking for too much here). Or just any dietary advice is super welcome, I want to be able to stomach regular foods again, and I also want to lower my thyroid antibodies.


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  • Sorry, can't help much, but lamb is the least allergenic meat, so maybe try that?

  • That's good to know thank you! I didn't even know meats could be allergenic.

  • How is your stomach acid? Do you know? Do you have acid reflux at all?

    Have a read of this article - especially the last bit about home testing :

  • Thanks for sharing this link, I've never tested my stomach acid, but I will now after reading this information, I wonder if I can get the Heidelberg test covered by insurance. I did have acid reflux for many many years. But I went Gluten free almost a year ago (thanks to the advice on this forum) and haven't experienced reflux since. However I tried eating chicken a short while ago and had light reflux that lasted about a week.

  • Well, if you couldn't digest it, that would cause reflux, as the undigested food fermented in the stomach.

  • It could very well be, but what could cause me to not be able to digest chicken or meat? I have a problem digesting all sorts of food, often things go through me without being broken down. My nutritionist practically gave up on helping me recently after finding out I'm Histamine Intolerant, gastroenterologists just give me PPIs and antihistamines that give me even worse brain fog... So now I'm kinda on my own trying to figure out how to fix my stomach. I really want to be able to stomach foods and get off all the supplements I'm currently taking.

  • Low stomach acid will cause you not to be able to digest chicken and meat. That's why I asked. :)

  • Ah ok I didn't know that! Thanks for your help greygoose!

  • I have Hashimoto's and digestive issues . I was tested and found to have low digestive enzymes . This was done by a private Doctor Who said many of us lose digestive enzymes as we age . The simple solution was just to add digestive enzymes - There are many good brands out there and you don't have to take them every day just when you need them . My doctor told me that lack of digestive enzymes is a reason why desiccated thyroid hormone doesn't work for everybody . That over one third of the people don't metabolize the natural thyroid because of digestive enzyme issues . I've always had enough of my own digestive enzyme to metabolize armor thyroid or other types of natural thyroid - But I have had problem with meat especially beef from time to time . Digestive enzymes stop the indigestion within 5 to 10 minutes .

  • Can you recommend me what type of enzymes I should be looking into? I know absolutely nothing about digestive enzymes, I'm just learning everything now. Is it possible to rebuild enzymes in the stomach or do you have to take them with every meal?

    I had my Diamine Oxidase enzyme tested and it was so low it didn't even read on the scale. I bought some DAO supplement, but I haven't tried it yet. I don't think other enzymes were tested.

  • Sorry I just re-read your post and I see you don't have to take them with every meal (good to know).

  • I take a multiple digestive enzyme ( somehow I think we're not supposed to recommend any brands I'm not sure what the rules are to tell the truth) The contents of this particular digestive enzyme and again there are many - but this one contains : Betaine HCI, Alpha amylase, Pepsin (ratio 1:10,000), Bromelain, Papain, Bile Salt, Pancreatin, And Lipase.

    Again I have taken other brands and other multiple proprietary blends. Here in the states we can buy these at any health food store and usually there's someone knowledgeable at the health food stores if you just ask them for digestive enzymes that show you the whole isle of them. I'm assuming there a health food stores in the UK maybe you call them something else .

  • Thanks for the info, I'm actually in Germany so I'll see about asking at the pharmacy here (pharmacies here have a lot of homeopathic and alternative meds whereas I can't find health stores like back in North America), and I'll also do some more research into such enzymes as I was just reading about them for the first time last night. By doing research on this last night I also realized I've been taking certain strains of probiotic which are making my condition worse. So now my next step is to find the right single strain probiotics, find a good digestive enzyme, and figure out how to take the DAO supplement.

    Thanks again for your recommendation!

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