I have an under active thyroid,I sweat a lot especially round my head..I have to carry a tea towel round my neck so I can wipe my drips down my temples forehead soaking back of my hair is wet as doc says it's my menopause..I am 63 have my menopause over.and I keep putting on weigh..I am also diabetic .the sweating takes all my energy .then I am left very really is getting me down..I work as a cleaner.half an hour I am running round like a scalded there any thing I can do or take to solve this problem.I hate the summer coming as I can't stick the heat nor in the car

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  • Timmyben Do you have your latest thyroid test results? If not then ask your surgery for a print out. If you're in the UK you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act. Post your results, with reference ranges, for members to comment.

  • I believe that head sweating is a classic sign of vitamin d deficiency?

  • Hello Timmyben

    I totally sympathise with what that feels like and I have suffered for years with it, I look like I have jumped in a pool and it doesn't even have to be hot for it to happen. I find it so embarrassing it has stopped me wanting to go out if I don't have too. I think Vit d may help as I went away for 2 months and had lots of vit d in sunshine everyday and it did improve condition when I got back also getting thyroid levels up helps. I also take vit b12 and that helps too.Also Calcium deficiency can be cause but be careful not to overdose on that . I do use a driclor deodorant that I get on line it is aluminium based and it helps a lot when I know I am going out and don't want any embarrassment , it does itch and sting when it first goes on and you have to use it at night and wash off in morning so make sure you don't need a really good nights sleep that night as it is bit uncomfortable but to me it is worth it because after a good application over head and neck I am dry for up to a week at a time before I need another application. I really feel for you and hope you find a solution to it. If you type into google excessive sweating from face and head there are forums that may help too, there is a special name for the condition beginning with H.

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