exessive sweating

hello everyone , im currently taking 150mcgs levothyroxine and have done for a number of years . in the last 17 months ive changed my diet to get rid of weight gained in the last 4 years and have gone from 14st to 10st 10lb i cut out all dairy and changed to soya but have also started the menopause can it be my thyroid or the menopause its embarassing as i can walk in to a shop or whereever from outside and the sweat just pours from my head down the back of my neck my face and around my ears it get totally disgusted with myself can anyone suggest anything kind regards bev ๐Ÿ˜Š

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This happens to me too (also on 150mgms levo). I am 63 and well past menopause - this has been happening to me since I had Radioactive iodine treatment. Doctors poo poo it and do not take it seriously but it affects my whole life and is excruciatingly embarrassing. It only affects my head - rest of my body is not soaking

I sweat a lot at night and I think it make be body either getting rid of toxins or messed up hormones and soya isn t good fo r thyroid people.

oh really i didnt know soya wasnt good for thyroid problems , i have even told my doctor of my change that i cut out diary for soya and they said nothing

bev the doctors wouldn't know that about soya

I have done a lot of my own research because of my severe bowel problems and have found out if you have a thyroid condition you should be gluten, dairy and soya free. I also have an under active thyroid and am on 125 of lethrothyroxine.

They don't study much nutrition .. its good for the menopause MAKE SURE ITS ORGANIC AS GMO S ARE BAD BUT NOT SO GOOD FOR THYROID HAS Goitrogens as some veggies do . And all foods have to be cross checked for allergies sensitivities and bloodtype as well as a prpoer diagnosis

Ditto bluepettals2 's comment. Soy should be avoided.

Its only my head and neck when im out and about but the night sweats with the menopause i wake up soaked head to toe ! Horrible

I sweated like you wouldn't believe !!

... Every single hour of every single day ... Day and night ... I cried so much because of it ...for years and years ..

My GP said ....its just YOUR particular makeup !! Huh !!!

After i was diagnosed with Graves' disease

A year ago ... I was put on Carbimazole 20 mg per day ...

Guess what ... IT STOPPED !!!

Almost immediately !!

So I think that speaks for it's self !!!'

It was undoubtedly

Thyroid problems ..

Overactive thyroid

Ie Graves' disease !

Menopause often gets the blame of it ... But I do not believe that !

I'm so damned mad at being fobbed off for years ๐Ÿ‘น

I Wish you well as I know how awful it is to

Sweat so much ... Don't forget though .. Even though you sweat you still need to drink plenty water !

As you can imagine the effect it would have on you to to lose so much of your body fluid ...you would be very ill indeed with dehydration !

Good luck Luvvie ๐Ÿ’


Carbimazole, even stated by the consultant who wanted me to take it, 'knocks out your immune system'. I refused because that would have made cancer more likely. I solved the thyroid problems with nutrition instead.

Wow ... Please tell me what you did ... Are you euthyroid ?


I was very hyperthyroid, but somehow didnt have acute symptoms that they thought I would have. I discovered it when I went for gluten sensitivity tests at Sheffield Hallam. I mainly more than doubled the supplements I was taking: Sisel's Triangle of Life supplements; (SpectraMax ..a mineral, vitamin supplement: FuCoyDon a fucoidan supplement: and Eternity a resveratrol supplement.) I added selenium, I drank lots more water, I went (and stayed) gluten free. There were a couple more sisel food supplements too. In 2 months my hyperthyroid went down from 39 to 22(normal) . Drugs all have negative side effects. I trust the body is able to sort things out given the right fuel in the form of nutrition in high enough amounts to work. Drugs mainly suppress symptoms. The carbimazole would have suppressed symptoms but never sorted out the root cause. if you are interested in knowing more about the supplements message me.

I'm so glad you are now euthyroid !

And well done !

I was extremely ill and on the verge of thyroid storm a year ago .. So I had no real option at the time other than take CARBIMAZOLE ...I was tested constantly for liver problems and was clear every time .. Thank God ..so I'm happy with the outcome

I take many supplements now for my immune system and

Feel great but sometimes tired

Ive much to be grateful for


Hi i just read your post would you be able to message me what supplements you are taking as i have just been put on meds for overactive thyroid but not happy about taking it

I found out that i am hypertyroid in may an graves also been treated with carb please can you sent me the name of the supplement you are taking i did not know that you should be taking some from of supplement i too sweat alot in my face like somebody throw water on my face i am have alot of pain on one side of my body in my side leg an foot what must i do thank you for your imput

I worked in the premise that my thyroid gland was healthy and that my immune system was attacking it ... So I took the Carb quickly to reduce the tsh .. And when it was normal ....spent all my time and energy making my immune system healthy thereby encouraging it to leave my thyroid in peace ...

By taking several supplements ...


immune system key

What do you mean ?


Protecting and boosting the immune system is key to health. So I thought your actions sounded good. Good you recognised this, and the link to a better thyroid function. However Carbimazole wrecks the immune system according to my consultant, so for me I didnt take it. I can imagine, not being told about this and having drugs suggested as a necessity, you had the best idea.. to use them to help you feel stronger.. then build yourself up.

Thank you Sedum .. ๐Ÿ’–

I didn't have an option Alas ..I was very ill with a sudden and vicious attack of Graves

I see you said you were hyperthyroid !

But with no antibodies ? Is that right ? .... You see ...I had antibodies .. And lots of them .. It needed to Stop !!! Therefore the Carbimazole !!!

I will continueto supplement ..

For immune health ...And as I believe 80per cent of our immune system is in our gut .. Pro biotic S are a MUST !!

And lots of them !


Best of luck for good health.

Horrible and common Drs dont listen well and iften misdiagnose and make dumb inaccurate statements

My mum took hrt into her 70's as each time she came off the sweats were horrendous.

Sounds like the menopause! Classic hot flash! Also soya is not good for those of us with Thyroid issues. Congrats on the weight loss!

Hi. You could try a non- soy isoflavone, like Red Clover. I'm finding it helps wth menopause symptoms. Congrats on the weight loss - that's fantastic! x

It could be the menopause or it could be, as bluepetals says, your body trying to rid itself of toxins. My daughter (now 36) had very embarrassing sweating throughout her teens, twenties and early thirties. At 33 she was diagnosed with serious chronic infections (mould biotoxins, HHV6, Lyme Disease) and since beginning her detox treatment, including binders to remove the toxins, medications to kill the infections and FIR saunas, the sweating has GONE!! We feel that her body was trying hard to remove the toxins for years. We have a small podlike FIR sauna at home which is FANTASTIC for removing toxins through the skin, and also GREAT for muscle aches and pains. Jane x

Jane n wow that's fantastic. What's an FIR sauna?

Hi Maggie, FIR stands for Far Infra Red. We bought ours on Ebay. It's like these - ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from... We paid somewhere between ยฃ60-ยฃ70 3 years ago, and it's been one of the best buys we've made. As with hormones, vits/mins etc. you have to use it with care so as not to cause Herxheimer reactions. I use it too if I have a cold bug, or aches and pains from gardening etc. and it's brilliant. It's important to have lots of fluids whilst using it especially magnesium. Jane x

Always check sugar with aweating the body tries to get rid of it by sweating and toxins sure dont help !

After weight loss your dosage may need to be reviewed. I find that if I'm slightly overmedicated it makes the menopausal hot flushes worse. I've found Avogels menosan sage drops have really helped reduce sweats and hot flushes.


Swap the soya for almond milk or oatly as soya inhibits thyroid meds.

Sweating, poor you. Its bad enough having thyroid issues.

Cut out spice, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol. That helped me as all can trigger sweats. Caffeine was the biggest one for me.

You can also take sage (in a pure form) tablets. These help.

Good luck.

Hi Katepots, I'm just reading your comment really the milk alternativeso.....I have underactive thyroid & can't take almond milk I tried & it created havoc with my thyroid.....I'm trying to find info on Oatly with thyroid & so far can't find anything negative so I've bought a carton to try a few days ago, I'm only taking in my tea so not a lot.....but I do feel a little off but don't know yet if I can associate it to Oatly product x

Odd re almond milk, I'm good with that. Maybe I should reassess.

Yes I like Oatly. They do a really good cream substitute too and a custard.

Have you tried sheep/goat milk? Different casein type so you may be ok with that.

I went on HRT last year and the sweating immediately stopped. I'll be taking HRT for as long as they'll let me have it!

I was on HRT for 7 years, then taken off it when I had a brush with breast cancer. My GP advised I come off it slowly (despite dire warnings from BC consultant), or I might rebound and get menopause symptoms again. I did reduce slowly. But maybe not slowly enough, because as soon as I stopped the final half patch, I started back with hot flushes again. That was 8 years ago, and I haven't had more than 2 hours sleep at a time since then. So I'd say if and when you do come off it, do it extremely gradually! Wish I was still on it !!

Oh my goodness that sounds horrendous to be still suffering! If I forget to put a patch on (memory fog!) I start to feel the flushes coming back after a couple of days and that's when I think ....oops I've forgotten to put a patch on! ? Hope the BC was just a scare and nothing more? x

I went to a talk by the Editor in Chief of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) yesterday. One of the first things she said was HRT was now known to be a mistake and it causes a lot of harm.

Hi Sedum

All I can do is go off how I feel and I know I feel so much better when I'm on HRT. I was advised to grab it by both hands if I could get it by my mother who was on it for years and was forced to come off it by her GP who said she could only be on it for a certain amount of years (whatever that amount is?). She's now 85 and has never had any major illness (other than borderline diabetes which she takes no medication for). After years of continually being told that my thyroid levels are correct by very knowledgeable medical people and being told there's nothing wrong with me by people who should know better, I've now decided to use my own judgement on how my body works and feels (but obviously will not ignore medical advice completely). I'd sooner have 25 years of a decent life ahead than 35 years of sweating and aching, but of course that's my belief and I fully respect anyone else's choices.

We all have to make our own decisions.

HRT interferes with thyroid meds so keep an eye.

oh .... no-one has mentioned that - what a surprise? Thanks for the info, I'll go to google to see what I can find out!


Just wondered if you've had your vitamin D levels checked - a sweaty head can be a sign of low levels

I am also battling with menopause...especially hot sweats at night....I recently started taking Holland and Barrett cod liver oil capsules...2 a day and have noticed it has gotten hugely better....although it has taken a few weeks!( Fish oil and MSM are supposed to be good for inflammation,) ...anyway am not sure if that is what helped or not but it may be worth a shot...am also taking sour cherry capsules for the natural melatonin but have been taking the cod liver oil for longer, just over 800 mgs per day...

I am just waiting for a shipment of alfalfa tablets how arrive and will also start on quite high doses of them....

It may be that now you have lost weight you no longer require such a dose - try reducing it if you feel you can and see how you feel - I had this sweating it is dreadful

Hi beveletto66, this happened to me when I was put on Levo just as I was heading into menopause. The result was immediate HORRENDOUS

lol - Sorry folks, not sure what happened. As I was saying...

Hi beveletto66, this happened to me when I was put on Levo just as I was heading into menopause. The result was immediate HORRENDOUS sweating day and night. I would wake several times in the night almost swimming in sweat. HRT stopped this for a while, but I couldn't continue with this. I had two years of this while on Levo. But they continued anyway after I came off it.

From my experience I think your system has become a bit revved up and out of kilter. It's the adrenals in particular. Any slight discomfort physical or emotional caused excessive sweating. I too thought it could be toxins being removed from the system. It is related to the menopause and taking Levo in my experience. Try taking some Zinc in the evening or late afternoon with food. I've read somewhere recently that this calms things down at night. If you drink tea, try removing this from your diet or cut this down to one mug a day. This stopped mine recently.

Very sorry to hear you're having this problem.

Well done on losing so much weight, it's not easy when you're on Levothyroxine! I too have this sweating problem and am 6years menopausal. I find it strange, considering if I sit still for half an hour I feel freezing, but will suddenly have sweat pouring down my face! It could well be that you need your bloods done, you may be over medicating on Levo. I'm in the middle of trying to sort out these issues myself, so wish you the best of luck ๐Ÿ˜Š.

If you are lighter, surely you would need to have less levothyroxine. So your excess sweating could be signs that you are having too much thyroxine

Hi ... I'm on 175 mg levothyroxine and was having sweats, flushes and dizziness. So I finally decided to go abroad for advice as my English doctors were getting progressively fed up with me. So I decided to take the plunge and use Dr Clark in the states, we converse by Skype and email. He's not expensive. He has put me on the elimination diet for a month (what the Americans call the AIP diet) All my problems have stopped I lost a stone in wieght in a month. He clearly says I will never to go back to gluten or dairy! (Soya a no no too ) I would recommend anyone to do the same . It's hard work but for me it's paying real dividends. My next step is to reintroduce foods gradually to see what has been causing the inflammation and symptoms.

Where is your Dr Clarke ? Thanks

Go online and look up Dr Clark and thyroid, he has various YouTube videos etc about thyroid.. he posts all the time.

Just my 2 cents (as a man who knows nothing of menopause). I lost about 30 pounds over 7 months when I changed my diet (auto-immune paleo diet, including gluten-free and soy-free), I ended up also sweating a lot and always feeling hot, after blood work it showed that I had become overmedicated. Due to my weight loss my regular dose of levo now became too much, (and I actually started uncontrollably losing weight). Doctors lowered my levo and the sweating stopped and my weight stabilized to the point where I can control it now. Maybe you need to lower your dose too now, get some blood work done. Mine showed FT4 over range when I had the sweats. Good luck with it! hope you get it figured out!

Years ago I started to drink Soya milk because it was said that it helps your estrogen hormones. I began to have stomach problems like heartburn. It hurt a lot. It dawned on me that maybe the soya milk could be causing this problem so I quit drinking it. Almost next day I was fine. So I tend to agree that soya is not good for us. Drink lots of water but don't forget a bit of salt each day. This was long ago but lately I've change my diet too and I believe that this the reason I needed to adjust my levothyroxine dosage from 100mcg that I'd been on for years down to less than 25mcg...

Hot flushes were an all over wave of heat which went up then came down but I get the sweats in the head now and I'm dripping. It happens when I'm under any amount of stress or when I'm eating a bit too much. This is at least a warning to stop stuffing my face. lol

I'm 42 years old and have had hypothyroidism for 8 years. Started off on levo and after 3 years, finally switched to Nature-Throid. I have always had sensitivity to heat ever since I was diagnosed. I never understood it because Hypo people are supposed to be sensitive to cold. I'd venture to say yours may be menopause related if it's been noticed more since you started going through that.

Is Soya, a soy based? I used to use soy but my endocrinologist said it can upset the level of thyroid medication I am receiving. Just something to think about. Maybe can try almond milk?


people with hypo are sensitive both to heat (impaired circulation to the skin effects cooling) and to cold (T3 is needed for TG thermogenesis).

Interesting. I figured it had to do with being hypo even though my two doctors haven't specifically said. Thanks! :)

I would check your vitamin D levels first as I had and still have horrendous head sweating and it was very low vitamin D levels now in the low 40's range it is much improved, but that has taken nearly 2 years to rise from 23.


I'm 35 and have hashi's, on 150mcgs of levothyroxine. I take various supplements including zinc and struggle massively with hot flushes... gp thought I was peri menopausal but I'm under a gynae who tells me I'm not! I do have massively high oestrogen levels which I'm yet to get to the bottom of....

I get hot all over during a flush, inparticular around the trunk area. I've been a stone or two heavier and also a stone or two lighter but still have the hot flushes whichever weight. I find no one knows why... gp/gynae or sadly endocrinologists!!

Praying for help as I find it massively uncomfortable whilst try to do activities with my 3 year old son! And completely putting me off having another baby! The thought of these constant hot flushes whilst pregnant - awful!

Getting to the point where I'm thinking it's just something I'm always going to suffer with!

I feel your pain! X

Soy is not a good idea to consume. Most of it is GMO and it isnt something we need in any case. It can disrupt hormones, so it may not be helping. Great about the lost weight, but we do need some good fats like coconut oil, organic butter or organic extra virgin olive oil. If you have dairy (I do) always make sure it is organic, because like us, animals store the toxins and pesticides etc in their fat layer so when we consume non organic dairy we have those toxins too. It is sugar and carbs that cause weight gain and often mean empty calories. Gluten free is very good idea. Drink lots of filtered water as a start. Have nutrient dense foods.I have experienced more sweating too, and find this helps.

Just read some more comments. Yes, sweating a lot means you are sweating out important trace minerals and salt. Replace the salt with Himalayan salt as it has 80 plus trace minerals. Some people have half a tsp himalayan salt in a glass of water each morning. I get mine by using it on food.

Don't consume Soya products of any kind it messes with hormone production by lowering the uptake of thyroid hormones, I have taken a tsp of soya sauce to bring down my thyroid hormones when I accidently took 2 pills (forgetfulness). Also thyroid storm where cortisol levels were bouncing off the walls the soya sauce helped bring it down.

Make almond milk by adding skinned uncooked almonds in a blender and add clean water and whiz up in a blender or Bullet. Almonds are much more expensive then say homemade rice milk.You can use brown rice which has a much better glycemic index than white & processed rice. Cook the brown rice as usual (1 cup raw to 2 cups water and cook on med high heat with lid on) . When cooked add to blender or Bullet and add water to it, it is a great inexpensive milk and tastes great.

Sounds good. I will make some tomorrow!

Hi Beveletto66, I too suffered for many years with the exact same kind of sweating! It is so embarassing! The least exertion used to bring it on.

It was much less on Levo 125 mcgm, I am very sensitive to heat though. Am well past menopause.

#I don't sweat anywhere else, only on my head face and neck!!

I still get the odd night sweats but again only on my head!


I have had head sweats for years and before and after the menopause I have Hashimoto's so my thyroid is hyPO and this madness of the sweating head was so bad I got my hair cut off this summer when it was so hot in London!! So this did help a bit but the heat just kills me now and with this sweaty head I walk around with a towel around my neck, look like I am in a man's locker room!! Meanwhile the weight piles on and the symptoms never really go away...when will it all end?? I am on T3 only and have been taking adrenal support as well as thyroid and many other supplements like D3 and Selinium and zinc, vit C , evening primrose oil...no gluten, soy, weight, sugar, dairy except Greek yogurt for probiotic...so tell me, what am I doing wrong?

Whats ur bloodtype get the diet for ur bloodtype and get ACUPUNCTURE

Bev I feel your pain I too can get ridiculously sweaty it drips off my face my hair sticks to my head it runs down my back every where it is horrible and I feel your disgust. I am on 100 thyroxine and take HRT to no avail

I have lost two stone in about two years hoping it will help so if you find the answer please tell me because it is distressingly depressing.


sara im actually thinking of going back to my gp and asking for blood tests to see where im at with my levels , due to my stupidty and thought i was doing myself a massive favour and changing my diet to soya to aide me losingweight , i will let you know how i get on take care bev ๐Ÿ˜Š

The excessive sweating could be a side effect of levothyroxine, a lot of the side effects listed are symptomatic of hyperthyroidism, but your still hypothyroid...

Vitamin D deficiency.

I suffer from this, I don't noticiably sweat anywhere else, however sweat pours from my head and onto the lenses of my spectacles when cycling gardening etc. Absolutely dripping as if I'd just got out of the shower. I investigated and find low vit d is said to be the cause. I haven't been tested lately but vit was 30 and required treatment some time ago. I'm doing Blue Horizon blood tests in next few days to get a picture of general health so will see.

Hi Bev, An Italian girl said her excessive sweating stopped after being put on `Trosint inmonodose gel capsules also available in liquid satchels and drops. IBSA (Swiss) pharmaceuticals make it. ( It`s the fillers in the thyroid tablets we are allergic to.) It`s available in USA, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Holland, Slovakia, Hungary. Sadly not in New Zealand where I live, and still endure excessive sweating in the trunk area due to my Hashimoto`s. I`ve heard W P Thyroid is also helpful, but can`t get it in New Zealand either.


There is alot u can do . Make sure you can eat these things you are substituting .check blood type diet and soy will block the thyroid if you hav too much and find an Acupuncturist they will treat you for the sweating . Are you skipping periods? Sweating can be high sugar too .

Check sugar and drink more water and Sour foods will help and ACUPUNCTURE! !!

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