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The lab... Why are they doing this?!

So i had a more complete thyroid test on the 7th and i have been waiting for the results, but they never came, i called the Dr office and the office manager said she'd request them, a week ago... So i waited today the 23rd i called Dr office back and spoke with the front desk guy and asked if they ever finally received them, and he said "no, you want me to order it again?" I'm like that was 4 something vials and i have had blood taken 4x in the last month alone! I told him i really didn't want to do it again right yet if i don't have to, i asked if there's any way to find out what the heck happened to my labs?? He was like "I'll call them and see what i can find out" i said ok call me tomorrow and let me know, does this ever happen to anyone?? strange thing about today when i wrote up i took my temp b4 getting out of bed too see if i have a fever coz my case manager said it sounds like i have some kind of infection everyone's ignoring due to my neck mass and high MONO level, really certain i don't have Epstein-barr though, and it said 95.5, was like noooo way, took it again it was 97.1, was like is this thing broken?? But i even register around 97.0 at the Dr offices, I'm always so low! What a strange time this is

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Have you had scan of Neck/Throat yet?

Have you ever seen Endocrinologist?

You could ask your new Dr for referal or mention to Kidney Specialiast on Tuesday.

Try and get some rest from all this. Those blood results might turn up.

After some rest, and the dust settles, you could ask again.

Would the Kidney Specialist be able to see if they are on your computer records on Tuesday.

Thinking of you.

xxxx Mary

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No scan, but i think my case manager suggested something like that, didn't even know what an endocrinologist was till right , i will talk to new Dr and case manager about it for sure, i don't know howit works but i will ask, Thank you Mary! I'm off to bed now, night!

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They should certainly have the results by now. I just go along to the surgery and ask receptionist for a print-out and they charge 30p for paper/ink. We are entitled by LAW to be given copies of our results and you should tell the surgery you want from now on a copy each time you have a blood test so they can double-check with doctor if they have any doubt.


I do reside in the US and unfortunately am not sure of the laws here and my rights, i signed up for automated results but i think it said the Dr must get them first, and then some time later you will receive them, but if my Dr gets them i think i canpick up a copy from them, our system is suuuuuper


OK then you need to research them including finding a US based group in your state that knows patients rights. This is because we are a British based patient group. And while we can at the moment give clues to people within Europe how to get their test results, we aren't able to help those in the US.


I understand, thank you for your suggestions, i didn't even know where to begin! Appreciate it!


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