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UPDATE on: Calcitriol (Rocaltrol) + Vit. D3 = TOXICITY!

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Hello, everyone :)

I don't know if anyone who was kind enough to comment on my original post will see this, but I just wanted to update those who wanted to know if anything came of this situation.

I finally found a doctor who at least gets this stuff, hopefully well enough, and the firs thing she suggested was sauna therapy. I hadn't even though of it, but it makes perfect sense as far as trying to mobilize the toxins. I had done sauna therapy briefly when I went for treatment and analysis back in 1992 at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, but it was 2 years before they installed infrared. Anyway, long story short, my mother is putting herself into debt on one of her cards to enable me to have the sauna. It will hopefully benefit my family, too, not just me, but that will be something that may help the "D toxicity" problem.

What was interesting is that my hypocalcemic symptoms had been lessening over the past few weeks, then last week I tried a machine my father bought that is basically a TENS machine that you put your bare feet on. When I finished the first time after 15 minutes of it, when it shut off my mouth and tongue started tingling. I did it again the following night and it happened again AND my symptoms have worsened again. I'm very EMF sensitive and it seems to have triggered the symptoms more. Such odd stuff going on, all of which I've had more than enough of. Here's hoping the sauna will help once I start that in a few weeks!

So that's how things are going at this point!


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Hi , I might have missed your original post but do you have hypoparathyroidism due to your hypocalcemia ? Have you had your PTH tested ? :-) also your RBC magnesium

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Hi, Carrob :D When I had my thyroid removed, my parathyroids went into shock. It was the poor guidance by several doctors, ALL ignoring/neglecting/denying that the Calcitriol conflicted with Vitamin D because it IS a very potent form of vitamin D. I also recently discovered that that, along with the EMF sensitivity REALLY worsening, seems to have kept the symptoms a problem. All kinds of tests are being done. Very extensive. My new doc said magnesium is OK.


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