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Does my dose need increasing?


I was diagnosed last September and put on 50mcg to start which was the increased to 75mcg. A blood test was taken a few weeks later which showed TSH at 3.5 and T4 at 7.4. I said I didn't feel well but was told I was within range and can't be over medicated. After a month of not improving I upped it myself to 100mcg and improved for a few months. But these last weeks I've crashed and burned so got bloods tested again. Receptionist told me results are normal (how does she know!). I asked for my TSH and T4 - they are TSH 1.3 and T4 8.7. Do I need an increase?

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Patients results are reviewed by one of the doctors who tells receptionists they can tell the patient their results are normal.

What is the lab ref range for T4 (the figures in brackets after the result)?


magsywu What are the reference ranges for these results? Always ask for a print out of your results and make sure the reference ranges are there, you are legally entitled to them under the Data Protection Act.

magsywu in reply to SeasideSusie

I see the doc today so will get a print out then.

Have you had your thyroid antibodies tested? You need to know if auto immune or not.

As a test, try going gluten free you may find you feel a lot better.

You also need Folate,feretin, Vit D and B12 testing as so often low with hypothyroid patients.

If GP won't do then bluehorizonmedicals do testing

Or also medicheck which you can access through here.

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