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TSH level 9.8! Is that high enough to cause fatigue. Gp said no!

Hi guys

Recently diagnosed with hypothyroid (raised TSH & low T3)- gp didn't want to explore cause, just treat. So commenced on 50mcg levothyroxine, with TSH level 7.9.

Levels rechecked and TSH had risen to 9.8! Levothyroxine increased to 100 mcg. Gp no longer testing T3 levels, as states not significant since we already have diagnosis of hypothyroid.

My question.: is that a significantly fight TSH? And can that level cause extreme fatigue and low mood? My go thinks no!

And if it is high. How high would it need to go before a specialist should get involved? As levels continued to drop dispute commencing medication.

He is now looking at diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, which I understood could only be diagnosed in absence of a medical cause for fatigue! I do not wish CFS to be diagnosed, just some recognition that my thyroid is causing fatigue.

What are people's views?

Many thanks

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My view is that your doctor has little to no understanding of thyroid disorders and is talking out of his derrière. :-o

No need to consider chronic fatigue until your thyroid hormone levels are optimised - which they clearly aren't yet! I can reassure you that a TSH that high would leave you feeling awful.

You're possibly going to need more than 100mcg of levo. Insist on being retested 6-8 weeks from now to see if you need a dose increase. Don't take the risk of this numpty doctor leaving you undermedicated.

Hugs x


Oh, and he's wrong about the importance of T3. But sadly that's a common misconception with doctors. If he flatly refuses to test it, there's always private testing (which you can do at home).

It's incredibly frustrating that so many of us have to go down that route though...


like to see your GP function with a TSH that high

all my lot were very very ill and exhausted with TSH of 2.9

elsewhere in the world a TSH over 2.5 is taken seriously


When I started with my gp my tsh was that high and the levo prescribed helped initially somewhat but I have never been well. My numpty gp would only give me a referral to an endocrinologist if I agreed to attend the CFS clinic so I entirely sympathise! The endo was useless. Only with the help of thyroid UK, SSTM, online groups have I finally gone solo and though I am not brilliant I am more hopeful I will get better. This group is stupendous and so helpful. Good luck.

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OMG your doc is dangerous .

If no other doc to use where you are your only way forward is going it alone with this forums very good advice

Good luck xx


Change your doctor! A gp this ignorant will only do more harm than good. Demand a referral to an endo (and cross your fingers you get a half-decent one...) They will usually ask for a full thyroid function test which should include FT3. Good luck.


The ignoramus needs to go back to medical college. Anything above 1 for TSH is too high. Mine is 0.05 and accepted as being quite normal.


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