Raw thyroid works to me

I'v got mild hypothyroid , but I do feel so bad, weight gain,both fingers and toes swollen. Easily can forget thighs l have done, like doctor shopping,every doctor tells me too nervous, the thyroid data t4 just borderline, I take eltroxin for 3 months,my symptoms don't gone away,anther bad side effects allergies,my whole body have lots of red spots ,itching seriously result me could sleep,lstop taking pills, getting worse everyday .recently I have try raw thyroid , all discomfort have gone,I also check my boold indications,it is normal,so raw thyroid works to me.

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  • It is highly recommended that you go and be diagnosed for thyroid disorder and get the armor thyroid or NatureThroid. It sounds like you are more than just mildly hypothyroid . You may have other things going on that are causing the itching but it could also be related to the thyroid . You would be amazed at what things are reconciled with the T3 and T4 hormone becomes balanced. I am hypothyroid a little more than just mildly and I too have had some of those same symptoms . I know for sure that the source of my thyroid problems is an autumn immune disorder . My thyroid makes the hormone my immune system kills it . The itchiness sometimes comes when I eat the things the autoimmune patients shouldn't eat . Like gluten and dairy and soy . When I say the things that I should not eat I get The itchy and tingling symptoms that you described . At first it's hard to except that there are things you can't eat . But once you actually try just to eat clean - And by that I mean fresh fruits and vegetables fresh meats not sausages or cold cuts or any kind of preserved meat . Once you make the dietary changes and get the hormone replacement that you need the thyroid hormone replacement . You'll be amazed at how much better you feel memory comes back and she comes back swelling goes away .

    I wish you well Stella please get help soon !

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