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results and change of levo dose

tsh 2.9 0.4-4.0

t4 1.09 0.79-1.76

the edno changed my dose from 100 for 4 days and 50 for 3 days to 100 levothyroxine for 6 days and 50 for one day.what do you think?

i told him about feeling tired and fatigue and he didnt pay any attention.i will search for other ednos and get otheropinions but what do you think about my dose?

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It's unusual to say the least. Your TSH should be 1 at least with no clinical symptoms!

He hasn't tested your Free T4 or Free T3 which are necessary and read about both in the following link. You can get private ones if GP wont do these.

Blood tests should be the very earliest, fasting (you can drink water) and allow 24 hours gap from last dose of thyroid hormones and the test and take afterwards.



It's an improvement and should improve the fatigue. Why don't you just take 100mcg daily instead of faffing around with 50mcg on the seventh day. I really don't think 100mcg will over medicate someone without a thyroid gland.


thank you:)


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