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HELP frustrating blood tests

Hello i am new i hope someone can advise me, i have had 2 sets of bloods done with in 12 weeks my first came back boardline under active i struggle to lose weight yet i eat a healthy diet , exercise and have had to resort to joining weight watchers i am a stone over weight and its not budging i am tired all the time , cry , cant sleep and have flushes my second set of bloods was to test for vitamin D levels and hormoan levels im only 33 but signs showed early menopause and again my tyroid , these tests came back severe vit D definicay , thankfully not hit menopause but yet again boarderline under active tyriod have to wait yet another 6 weeks for tyroid checking again i do not have the blood test numbers ?

is the anything i can do to help this weight is getting me down as the scales do not budge or when the do i fluctuate up and down sometimes by 6lb ! ive read cutting out gluten can help ?

any advice welcomed

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The first thing you can do is get a copy of your blood test results with ranges, which is your right under the Data Protection Act. Then you can start a new thread and post them for other posters to advice you on. If you have them then edit your post and put them in in this form:

TSH 1.4 (0.35-4.2)

"Normal" or "OK" just means you are in range it doesn't mean your levels are optimal.

With your vitamin D find out the number and state what you are taking as in some areas of the UK doctors frequently don't tell patients to take sufficient dose. For example the most common dose prescribed is 800IU per day which does SFA for anyone who is insufficient, severely deficient or ever had problems. Also state any other medication you are on to ensure you don't have any interactions.


brill thank you my vitamin d medication is

HUXD3 20,000 IU Colecalciferol

i will ring the surgery tomo and find out my tyroid


How often do you take the vitamin D3? Once a week? 3 times a week? Once a month? As you don't have your test results this is very important.


I have to take 2 tablets once a week or only received then yesterday my whole body aches can't even sit comfortably hoping the kick in at some point 😩


That's 40,000IU a week and doesn't sound like enough as your level is under 25nmol/L then you can safely take 10,000IU per day to get your level up as quickly as possible. It is also not advised to take high doses once weekly but over as many days as possible.

I strongly suggest you get your test results and ranges asap, and start a new post with them in. People can then advise you on buying your own supplements so you can get the right doses.

At the moment the only thing I can advise you to do is buy some vitamin K2-MK7 and some magnesium citrate of Amazon and take those daily. (I use Solgar brand but there others other posters use.) You are going to hurt for up to 3 months if you are severely deficient, and taking the vitamin K2-MK7 and magnesium will decrease the risk of your calcium and alkaline phosphatase going out of range. Most doctors aren't aware of this or more recent research in vitamin D3 on how it is best to take it.


Oh by the way the information on getting your test results is here -

Most surgeries have a protocol for giving your test results and often give them to you free.

However a few practices are difficult in giving them to patients. In that case you should start a new thread on here stating what you did to get your records, what the response was and ask for help in what you should do next.


Hi Rlunn, my experience with weight loss was rather extreme. I have to admit that in order to make it work I had to go faaaaaar beyond what most people consider a "healthy diet". I gave up all gluten, all dairy, all soy, all snacks and sugary food, I only eat fresh, I cook every single meal (no easy made stuff), basically I eat the way our great grand parents would have eaten (minus the candy). In one year I lost 50lbs.

As I test I cheated a few times on my diet and gained weight IMMEDIATELY. every single time, it was faster going on then coming off. As a reference during this time I had a TSH of around 3 (so too high) and I had very low T3, people say you can't lose weight with that combo, I just say it's waaayyy harder. Now I'm on T3 finally and guess what, for me it doesn't boost weight loss or anything, I've actually gained a couple lbs since the introduction of t3 because I got to a point where I had lost too much weight.

There's my struggle in a nutshell. If you have any questions I'm at your disposal.

All the best!



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