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Hi again .WOW I have now been on NDT only after being on T3 only.Thought I would try NDT to see if it was NHS t3 and previously thyroxine make of medication making me so ill.However I feel like the walking dead still and a bit worse.I am on 1 and 1/4 grains NDT my TSH was 5.9 and t3 3.7,T3 really low for me as always been between 4.2 and 6.9 on thyroxine or t3.Iwent up to 1 and half grains but became so hot and terrible pain all over so have reduced to 1 and 1/4 grain again .Each time I raise NDT I feel hot pounding heart and pain.I do mot really know if 8 weeks is long enough to let TSH and t3 levels to settle.

Any ideas ,thinking of going back to t3 only.

Can anyone tell me if they have been ok ish on thyroxine for years then suddenly got so bad one day they cannot function as before.All my symptoms are the same but magnified a thousand times.

Still have hot hands and feel hot.

My Homeopath says my body is out of whack due to all the years of treatment dosing going up and down.I just wish I knew what is going on.As I have said in the past all blods for everything else good,even had optimal tsh and t3 in past with no improvement.

It feels as though my life stopped 4 years ago after 16 years of treatment with thyroxine.Do not know if it is t4 making me feel worse in NDT .Cannot understand why I feel so hot as am on less t3 now than whwn I was on t3 only at 40 mcg.

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You are under medicated to have TSH 5.9 and that is why your FT3 is low. If you can't raise NDT and you felt better on T3 only you should switch back. NDT doesn't suit everyone.

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Yes ,Clutter I am undermedicated,I think I will switch back.


I too am experimenting with NDT after 17 years on T4 only, and then 4 years on T3 only. I am not in quite such an extreme situation though as you are Susiebow.....gradual not good function on the T4 only, rather than sudden. Happened over years really. Also my cortisol was chronically low on 3 saliva tests over 4 years so I am trying to sort that out still.

I didn't improve suddenly on the T3 only, but got better last year in particular. A lot of stress in a short time sent me down again, so I suspect the cortisol issue for me did it again. I only tried the NDT because I got diagnosed with osteoporosis and panicked about it......I am not doing brilliantly on the NDT, and I think that I am not converting very well, but I think there are also other factors going on that are not to do with the thyroid that are making me feel ill right now (histamine problems). I am up to 3.5 grains currently and feel sometimes that it's not really enough for me, but am having some tests done on the 3.5 dose in a week or so, and see what they say. I want to give the NDT a proper trial (have been on it 2 months now) but if no better then I too will return to the T3 only.

Could it be a cortisol issue for you also that is not fixed? Have you had that tested?


The same thing happened to me on ndt, I got a hot face and ended up going hypo (tsh 5ish). Went back on the levo/t3 combo which always makes me feel less awful than the other meds but not well.


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