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I have done nothing different that I can think of except took a taxi to the airport and flew long haul, wore a shirt that has been in the drawer for a long time (but haven't changed washing liquid in ages). When I arrived I was itchy and had about half a dozen tiny blistery bumps scattered on my torso. They're almost invisible initially then I guess when scratched they end up a bit red.

Every morning I have two or three more, similar to a flea bite (but no animals have ever been in the house where I am staying, and I was itchy when I got here). Not a bedbug bite (been there/done that when visiting NYC in 2010), not hives, not a rash as such as these are individual bumps. Five or so on my trunk, one on shoulder, one on forearm, other wrist etc. But they itch like the devil. I keep daubing them w cortisone cream.

Has anyone else had this? I'd be so grateful if I didn't have to google again, you can't unsee what has been seen. :-) And I have ptsd after the bed bug incident!

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  • If where you are now you can get yourself a bar of Dettol soap, get it. Wash with it. Stops the itch and stuff heals fast. When you scratch you make things worse.

  • Sounds very like insect bites of some sort, there don't have to be animals in a house to get fleas as people can carry them in. Possibly picked up on the flight ?

  • Urgh, hate to think about it! But to be fair have seen no sign of any bugs, on flight or since.

  • You probably wouldn't see fleas as they hide until they need to eat, warmth and any vibration such as walking across the floor brings them out to feed.

    Flea eggs are sticky so easily transferred from one place to tother on clothes and shoes.

  • Scabies?

  • Very doubtful (at this stage anyway) as it is just the odd red dot and not a rash (if that makes sense. I was fully covered at all times and if I got it from, say, the blanket or something it would be likely to be on exposed bits. Or at least that is my understanding of what scabies is like. I guess time will tell!

  • Might you have left a window open, & biting things flown in, or not rinsed yourself or clothes?

    I find whitchazel soothing, or an oat based cream. If the itchy lumps are very bad, try putting a very hot spoon on them. It hurts, & you may need to repeat, but it works on bites as well as those wee zapping gadgets.

  • That is clever. :-)

    It happened at some stage while I was fully clothed, so I can't imagine it would be bugs, or they'd be in my other clothes. Have seen nothing unusual except another new couple of red dots every day, nowhere near the previous ones, all in disparate places. A mystery!

  • It does work on insect bites, & the burning pain is shortlived & preferable to incessant itching! I am unfortunately too familiar with mossie bites, since going veggie.

    I once had an urticaria rash, from rubbing & sniffing wild plants in a forest, & it started on my legs, which had been completely covered, & spread everywhere, rather than the contact points on my hands & face. Inflammation is a peculiar thing. Perhaps antihistamine could help on the inside & witchazel on the outside, or an oat compress? Oat milk & witchazel is wonderful!

  • I have suffered w urticaria before but those were large hard lumps. Ghastly! Just after I left school I had a job I found very stressful (noisy, lots of people about) and I broke out in the most agonising hives around my middle and was on antihistamines all day which made me very logy. Oh gosh, that was awful.

    And that was one of the first things that clued me in that I was allergic to crustacea - massive hard lumpy hives on my face.

  • The antihistamines were worse. I only took one, & could bately stamd for 24 hours.

    I read recently, it's iodine that causes allergies from crustaceans. I couldn't eat detrital feeders in the first place. :(

    Hope you've no mre spots today!

  • theres a tiny flea like thing that can get under clothes and cause such bites ysually its out in the garden but could just as easily have been on a flight

  • Thanks guys! I now have an itch between my shoulder blades I can't reach!!!

  • I usually find one of the long kitchen forks down the back of the shirt works wonders for back itches you can't reach... 😂

  • Back in the fraught days of his eczema I caught my partner using a coat hanger.

  • Hi there, I too get these tiny itchy bumps. I thought nobody else had it. I get an itch first then notice the tiny blistery bump, either single or small cluster which stays then dries out leaving skin that comes off but the dried bump looks as if was rooted. Sometimes it reappears in the same spot or breaks out in new locations. More annoying then anything else!

  • Ah, yes, this sounds like it, but no clusters for me. Mine are individual tiny blisters.

  • Could it be shingles?

  • Not from what I know of shingles. I believe that appears in a large, angry cluster and is painful. This is not painful at all and barely visible, but itchy.

  • I also have these little itchy blisters, mostly on my torso, but sometimes on my inner arm. They are not bites, because they go away when my meds are optimal. Could be shingels. I will have to google that. Thanks Clemmi.

  • That's interesting re meds. I got this thing just before I raised my t3/reduced levo, but a week later I don't think it is changing.

    When undermedicated (or maybe when I was just on levo) I used to get horribly itchy (legs, feet, torso mostly) at bedtime but no rash. In the morning there would be no trace of it, but would be itchy at bedtime again.

  • I picked up something undefined but possibly scabies after house sitting (at a perfectly nice house!). It was not possible to see them with the naked eye but I had a "Loupe" (little magnifier) and a regular old magnifying glass and with the alignment of both of them I could see them. I had to dab sticky tape over an itch and then look at it under my magnifying arrangement, didn't always catch one. Although the doc gave me some pills I did not take them. I got rid of them by showering three times a day and changing my sheets everyday for a week. That is the physical removal of them. I think the pill approach makes your skin exude a nasty smell (to "them") and they drop off because they no longer like that environment - I guess that would be the chemical approach.

    It's embarrassing telling the doc though! I sent him a very carefully worded e-mail with specimens through the regular mail, then picked up the pills.

  • Apparently the oral medication paralyses the mite that causes scabies. I didn't know you could get a pill for it, it used to be that you used a topical lotion (my gran got them in a nursing home and then my mum got them, this was many years ago). Glad you got rid, it is an awful thing and very contagious.

  • Have you tried anthisan cream from chemist? Red dots an be a sign of Scarlett fever with

    throat infection - calamine lotion is helpful with bites, and cools down the itch. Medicated honey

    wound gel can stop bacterial infection and aid healing - Antibiotic creams might help.

  • No, that's a good point though, have used steroid cream because I have it in the house.

    It isn't the kind of rash you'd get w scarlet fever (and I'm otherwise well). It is literally a single red dot like a pinhead (scattered around my body) which sometimes itches like the devil.

    The ones on my trunk are old now and have stopped itching, though I had a new one on my wrist that was itching last night. It is not 'spreading' in the way a rash might start w one dot then become a solid red area, it is one dot at a time, like mosquito bites but tiny. It is most peculiar.

    If I was home I'd assume my dogs had picked up fleas (though after three years I know they've had the odd flea but I've never been bitten).

  • PS bog myrtle soap and nettle stops itching from bites and stings Myrtles Midge Lather

    handmade in Scotland and has antimicrobial properties and anti wrinle aging properties - very good Isle of Seil Argyll PA 34 4RD WWW.midgefactory.co.uk

  • What a brilliant-sounding product! I would buy it for the name alone. :-)

  • goodo!

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