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Dose raises


Hi again!

I was diagnised hypothyroid 12 months ago. on 26 Jan my TSH was 5.1 (0.3-4.2) and FT4 16.7 (12-22). the Dr put me up from 100-125mcg levo with retest next week. She did say it would need to go up again but didnt want to cause issues by going too quick.

Is an extra 25mcg and wait for 2 month retest correct or could she have raised me 25 then another 25 a week or month later so as not to over load. I seem to be playing catchup all the time, I dont want hyper symptoms but do need to get my numbers down (and up) to the optimal, preferably in the forseeable future!

I am getting the Medicheck Ultravit test done next week (includes essential vits, antibodies and FT3 ) as well as my NHS excuse for a thyroid check and will post for advice ahead of Dr appt.

I get tested early morning after overnight fast and about 21 hours after my last dose, I take any supplements the opposite end of the day to my Levo 😇

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Phoenix605 Everything seems to be spot on. Re-testing should be 6-8 weeks after starting Levo, increase of 25mcg, another re-test 6-8 weeks later, increase 25mcg, etc, until you feel well. You can't rush it, it takes time and patience.

What supplements are you taking? Some need to be left off before vitamin and mineral tests.

I was taking a decent multi vitamin, cod liver oil capsule, evening primrose oil capsule and a 'high strength' glucosamine + vit c daily. I will have stopped all of them for about 2 weeks by the time I am tested just to be on safe side. The oils at least are out of my system already as my stiff joints are making themselves heard again!

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There's no need to stop taking supplements before a thyroid test although you might want to take them after the blood draw on the morning of the test.

Erm I believe you've got a problem as you've not posted or the Dr hasn't tested your FT3 your ft4 is about right but at that level your tsh should be down to about 2

You need your ft3 and rt3 testing, you must likely have either a conversion to ft3 issue or a nutrient deficiency somewhere. Have your iron, zinc, vitamins D3 checked as a minimum.

A high rt3 would suggest you could also have an adrenal problem, the body dies this so not to overwork flagging adrenals, it's a safety back up so you also need a 9"am cortisol test to see where you are there too.

In my experience these are the places I'd look into, seeing as your ft4 is about right and your tsh is high.... The dose raises suggests to me you have adrenal fatigue and need amino acids and cofactor nutrients too... Hope this helps...

I take 225mg and I think I'm stabilised now after 12 years but I'm still suffering all the tiredness and lack of energy etc. They built me up in 25 mgs then reduced it and now results for my hypothyroidism are stable

I was begining to wonder the same as it doesnt make sense that my FT4 is rising even if very slowly but my TSH is also rising. My GP hasnt done FT3 or the reverse and I am having my vits, antibodies and T3 done by medichecks next week, I didnt understand about rT3 when I ordered so that is not on the current list. I have put my last years NHS test results on my profile bio, The only other one I have was a basic medichecks done on 5 September which did include FT3. It was done a couple of weeks after my previous levo dose increase and before I knew the importance of missing your dose til after testing and doing it first thing so may be skewed results

TSH 2.42 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 16.9 (12-22)

T3 4.53 (3.1-6.8)

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