Does anybody else feel irritable and short on patience since being diagnosed? It was these symptoms and the fact my father had Thyroid problems that made the doctor take notice some years ago.I find I am pulling people up all the time when I feel they are taking liberties with me,i wont let anything go but I used to be so easy going......I am Hypothyroid by the way.

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  • Hi

    I feel irritable and short on patience but it comes in waves, if that makes sense ,



  • Hi Henrythewasp mood swings are typical hypo symptom, sometimes think my husband deserves a medal for putting up with me. My mood can change from hour to hour and I really have to bite my tongue sometimes.

  • Maybe it's time you had a blood test if you've not had one for a while.

    It could be that your dose is a bit low.

  • Yes, or if it's a bit high that also can make you very short-tempered.

  • The wrong levels of T3 - either too high or too low - can cause all sorts of problems with mood. Some people on here have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder before being diagnosed with a thyroid problem. Once the thyroid problem is discovered and optimally treated and nutrients are optimised too the bipolar disorder disappears, which suggests the original diagnosis was wrong and it was a thyroid problem all along.

    Having said all that I had to give up gluten before I got control of my temper and irritability. I don't have coeliac disease, but once I gave up gluten as an experiment and got some relief from several symptoms it turned out I probably had/have gluten ataxia which is where gluten attacks the brain, and probably causes inflammation as a result.

  • I did suspect at one point that I had Bipolar but it was ruled out before I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid.

  • Have you had blood tests including Free T3 and nutrients recently?

  • Not for nearly a year now so its due about July.

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