on t3 only and unwell

i am on 40mcg of t3 from gp and as i still dont feel well he increased it to 60mcg split throughout the day but i seem to get toxic and feel evern worse. have cut down again but feel so tired and piling on weight. i cannot tolerate thyroxine. should i have any blood tests done privately to see if anything wrong. i never feel well and am in chronic pain as well and severe fatigue. i am willing to pay for tests.

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  • T3 made me feel like that; just 20mcg (I was taking it with levo) gave me terrible muscle pains and fatigue. For me I think it was something - one of the fillers - in the tablets as I also couldn't tolerate the levothyroxine made by the same company, Mercury Pharma (or Amdipharm as I think they're now called?) When you were on thyroxine did you try different makes? I always found Actavis ok, but everyone's different. Mercury Pharma is the only company that makes T3 in this country, but your doctor may be able to prescribe another imported brand for you to try?

  • I am also on T3 only, 60 mcg. It has taken me along time to reach this level and I am still not completely symptom free and still have good and bad days. I struggled in the beginning and then had blood tests that showed I was anaemic. I started taking iron and was then able to increase without the weird side effects of sudden raised temperatures and throbbing aches. It might be worth having tests for B12, folate, ferritin and Vit D, as low levels of these can cause problems with increasing your dose. I take supplements of those now and am hoping I shall gradually reach my optimum dose. Hope this helps. I am sure you will have many other responses. There are more and more of us on this therapy now.

  • I am sorry you are still unwell and you would have been very hopeful that T3 would work for you.

    Unfortunately sometimes patients find that they have to try several alternatives before finding one have that works for them.

    I know one member who has been prescribed purified levothyroxine as the others didn't agree with her.

    This is a link re T3 and if you go to the right hand side you will see Dr Lowe's recommendations on taking T3. (some links within may not work)


    There are two hypoallergenic dessicated thyroid hormones - Naturethroid and WPthyroid if your GP was willing to prescribe



    neither have been recalled for inconsistencies.

    You could be sensitive to fillers/binders.

  • watch this please

    b12 with folate is very important

  • watch this please

    b12 with folate is very important

  • The link doesn't work? It's not loading for me....

  • sporty333 try typing this in Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency and the video is 51.46 long please watch it all let me know what you think please

  • Oh is it about B12?

  • yes b12 affects lots of illness i have type 3 hyperlipidemia and statins have depleted lots of things in my body and the b12 with folate are helping to right what has been taken away

  • amazon.co.uk/Could-be-B12-E... this book is also an eyeopener

  • Is it [still] true that Urinary MMA test is not available in the UK. Maybe can be done privately?

  • Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency try typing this in and its an hour long video on you tube

  • Alzheimers etc. on the march due to over treated Folates masking B12 def....

    Sounds like incompetence. Ref ranges not good enough- Again!

    What's wrong with Drs- never mind the patients.

  • if you are an active person your b12 should be above 450 and if you take 12 you should take folate alongside

  • yes but b12 affects lots of illness

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